Day 908: Back to where it started...

Today, as Rachyrock is at work, I decided to load up my favourite game. 

I started a new Dark Souls (the first one) character, and I've been blasting through it. I'll be over the wall within an hour having just felled the Iron Giant. Yeah, that's right, I'm already through Gargoyles, Capra Demon, Quelaag, Ceaseless Discharge, and Great Grey Wolf Sif too. I'm going to take on the Gaping Dragon as well. I've already got an enchanted Uchigatana, as well as a +10 pyromancers flame as well as homing soulmass. So you could say I'm embracing the easy way through the game. But I haven't crossed the wall as I'm going to try and get some of the blue titanite chunks I need to upgrade the sword even more. I just can't remember where the slab is right now, though I think it's in the crystal caves near Seath. 

Aside from that, we had a delightful lunch from Jimmy Johns and I've caught up with a few things! 

Podcasts enjoyed on this day: 

  • Nerdist: Rob Kirkman #3
  • Daft Souls Episode 85

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-