Day 904: A few words on Podcasts. Or a lot of words.

I might have gotten to lunch an hour and a half late, but I'm in good spirits. Things, while busy, are going well. Despite my discontent with people demanding that things are urgent, I still managed to organise myself well enough to get everything done, with maybe exactly enough stuff to do over the next day and a half, maybe more, but I can pass some of that off tomorrow. 

So, episode 2 of The Easily Excitable Podcast! is out today! Yay! It can be found here for audio, and here for video/youtube.  spoke to Mr Adam Castle and we had a great chat, including a big section of the podcast on self improvement.

This made me think, how do I structure my podcasts, and where does the influence come from, and what am I trying to emulate. 

Let's start by looking at the podcasts I enjoy the most, and then I guess dissect what I've lifted from them and appropriated for my own podcast.

Well, my favourite podcast is You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, and there's not really much I gain from this podcast, although the hosts enthusiasm is something that inspires me, as well as his approach to not put uncomfortable topics away should they arise. It's definitely a podcast for me that I enjoy listening to, but don't have an easily sourced part that I can directly reference. 

Another longer form podcast I adore is This Is Rad, with Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside. Each week they'll start with their weekly rads, the things for the week that they've thought was awesome, and explain why, the intro for the podcast can take up to 40 mins, with the main bulk of the remaining podcast being around 1 hour 30 mins or even longer. Definitely the earlier part is where I find most of the influence that I take from it, however the second phase of their podcast is focused on a specific topic, with space to stray should they need to. It's a refreshing, super enjoyable good time, and I really enjoy the hosts energy about the topics they're talking about, and their enthusiasm for life in general. 

The two podcasts I guess are my next tier, a similar length, and structure to my podcast, that I've clearly taken so much influence and inspiration from. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project, a podcast with Adam Savage (and Will and Norm) where they do an intro, talk for 10 minutes or so about everything, then segue in to the main topic they've bought along to discuss. The podcast is roughly 20-30 minutes long each week, and it's the shorter form podcast of which I try my best to emulate. It's an enjoyable time, and I find even though I don't specifically know what they're talking about some of the time, a lot of what they talk about can be appropriated to anyone's skills and hobbies, not just crafting and making, as is the focus of their time. 

The other podcast is Daft Souls, and I'm sure people have heard me ask the ever present question on this podcast, 'What have you been playing recently?'. A podcast from some video games journalists being honest about the games they've played, and having a deep dive in to the two to four games they've played over the past week. Hosted by Matt Lees, who's videos and opinions on Dark Souls are what drew me to him, and Quintin Smith, their banter and knowledge is impressive, and refreshing for me to hear their take on the game design. 

Of course, there are staples of podcasts, like Nerdist, where there is a different guest nearly every episode, but I've moved away from podcasting that way, and as such this is just a podcast to enjoy, the questions Chris Hardwick asks are interesting, and it's always great to hear him asking a question and hearing him figure out what he's asking as the words are pouring out his mouth. 

I still listen to other podcasts, but I thought I'd share this, as a sort of start as to where I draw my inspiration from, and what influences I'm aware of that lead me to where I am now. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-