Day 902: Finally, what felt like a deserved victory over Oryx

Today, as I edge ever closer to the holiday I'm super excited for, I got to check of another piece of Destiny. 

I decided to try and find a group to run through the Kings Fall Raid, and have some fun, and learn all the parts. 

So I found a group, we partied up, and we learned what to do, the whole way through, and got our challenge mode done. I had a great time, and we felled Oryx, it might have taken 3 and a half hours, but we all got our pieces of what ever we needed, the calcified fragments that we were after, and progress was made in all areas! Everyone had a good time, and I'm glad we had no ragers. 

This week is all about distractions for me, and tomorrow I"m going to be playing more D&D, Thursday is the referendum, and friday is just a friday. Woo. 

I'm kind of elated that I managed to get a team of randoms to work together to get something done, and it worked. Eventually. 

Only 2 Challenge modes to go, and a hard mode clear, and everything will be good. I think I understand oryx CM, so that should be a riot. 

Anyway, enough Destiny talk. have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-