Day 900: RTX is soon!

And today I've been doing a lot of preparation!

I'm now all prepared for my podcasts to be put together and in the right places! 

My bag is primarily packed, and doesn't only contain a dairy milk.

My whole apartment got a good cleaning today, and is tidy and organised for the first time in a while. I kept neglecting the kitchen. And now it's sparkly and shiny.

I think I'm prepared for the week ahead, I just hope that I can get a lot done at work, so there's no extra stress for anyone else. 

This week is going to either go slow, or, by design, fast, because I'll have lots to do, lot's of training to go to, and stuff to organise! YAY! 

As much as I wanted to get the Kings Fall Raid finished, it was not destined to be this week. While there's always tomorrow to get it done, I'm going to training tomorrow night, and I'm not sacrificing that training session for games. 

Podcasts listened to this weekend:

  • This Is Rad: Laughing Skull Comedy Festincal
  • 99% Invisible: 215: H-Day
  • Nerdist: Anthony Mackie
  • Nerdist: Chuck Lorre and Mayim Bialik
  • Nerdist: Colin Farrell

I've had a good weekend! How was yours? Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-