Day 899: A day of quite a few games

So today has been a bit busy, and fun, I packed my suitcase for America. Or at least, that's what some people got the impression I'd done. In all honesty, there's only a dairy milk with crunchie bits in it in the case. 

I also got my hair cut and did a bunch of things for my parents, I wanted to continue the raid, and find some people to do that with, but I guess I'll try and pick that up tomorrow. 

I made some progress in Diabllo 3, and I was having a riot, my crusader is now level 70, so I'm only missing my wizard making it to level 70, and then I'll have a full complement of characters to play with. Or more accurately, ignore as I focus on Monk Class Masterclass! 

Rachyrock and I also started playing the Crew, and so we've got a new game to play together, and I know I need to get used to using the car I chose, but it's working well. 

I also played more, and got more frustrated with Unravel. The game does look great, and the puzzles are okay, but I apparently don't have the patience for it. What I did have patience for was playing Destiny, and being sensible, disengaging and only picking smart fights, leading to a K/D in the game that I did have of 4.33. 

It's been a good day! Tomorrow I have a lot of things to do, tidying, and packing, and maybe other things too! Well, have a great day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-