Day 896: A few podcasts and chaos at work

So, I'm running around at work, just trying to keep my head on, with my two co-workers that I run the department with being away on holiday or off on leave, I've got to cover all aspects. It's a good thing I've made myself plans on how to deal with situations that arise and I can ask for help from other departments. 

This week I feel like is turning around, the beginning of the week I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything, I went to training Monday evening and yesterday I did better, getting a load of stuff done. 

So, now that I'm in the lab alone, I have time to listen to podcasts. Today alone I've listened to Daft Souls Episode 83, Hollywood Babble-On Episode 248, and This Is Rad: Disneyland Secrets. This afternoon I know I have time for so many more and I'm so excited. I listen to so many podcasts, and I'm going to be putting a little list together at the end of each journal post to show what podcasts I've been listening to in a day. There's a lot, but also, I like the idea.

Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-