Day 1068: I can't really believe it's Monday...

I feel like I'm teenager again. It's been a strange day, I've been angry, and I don't feel like I'm achieving anything, and that's frustrating. I'm not very motivated, and I'm finding that I'm having a difficult time. 

Things are relatively okay though. I needed to stop tonight so that I could tidy up my apartment and make some food on my own for an evening. I've been over at my parents for food every day since Thursday, meaning it's been 5 days since I cooked for myself, which really made me feel bad. I like cooking, and I like making myself food, nd I know I haven't really been keeping to a diet that well either. 

I recorded me talking about a few things today, specifically education and stuff of that ilk, and then I also poured out my feelings on celebrities and fame, and I'm sure no one will hear it, but I'll probably try and refine the ideas before I actually share them, because they're things I have opinions on. 

I am also already dealing with my podcast for this week, I really liked recording it, and I'm happy with how it came out too. 

Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-