Day 1066: Having fun isn't hard...

And I don't even have a library card! 

So today, I went to the library to learn stuff, and work on my plague of an assignment. I went with my mum, who hasn't been back to the university campus since she retired, so it was a trip she was kind of looking forward to. 

We managed to find a whole bunch f great books that really helped me make some progress on my assignment, and I'm glad my mum could help me out, because I was struggling. 

We sat in an area of the library that looked like it was all about having fun, mainly because it was in the area where there are a whole load of resources for learning to teach, mostly primary school kids, and there were colourful books, sowing machines, and best of all, crates and crates of puppets. Apparently all of them were named too, as they were organised alphabetically. 

So, I learned stuff, made progress on my report, it was good to hear that I actually had most of the work done, just the structure needed work, and a few points needed expanding and referencing. 

It's been a weird day, because I also ran 4 trials of osiris cards this morning in Destiny. Yes I'm back playing it.

I hope you've all had equally interesting experiences today. 

Have a wonderful day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-