Day 1080: Saturdays are for relaxing and watching things...

I finished watching Daredevil today. I watched either 5 or 6 episodes because each one ended with a cliffhanger, and I felt like I needed to carry on.

I very much enjoyed the series, I really like the Punisher, and as soon as I realised what Foggy was doing, I knew who he was talking to, and it made me super happy. 

I guess it's next on to Luke Cage, which I've also heard good things about. 

I also shaved and got my hair cut today, and then I tried chatting to Audrey, but Skype deemed it impossible for us to communicate.

Aside from that I've also played a bunch of Pokemon and am making good progress on the Pokedex. I feel like I might have spent too much time playing it. 

Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-