Day 1064: Totes emosh...

Today I decided it was a good idea to listen to Defying Gravity from the Wicked soundtrack.

Turns out, not a great idea. I got super emotional, and had a teary drive home.

Now I'm going to chill out, play No Man's Sky until I get frustrated and continue to watch the Uno let's play. The super long one. Yay! 

My assignment has been a pain, but I'm at least mostly started. Hopefully I'll make progress on it over the weekend, and get it looking ship shape. 

I'm having a hard time, but I'm feeling plenty supported enough, so I'll be okay. 

I also put out a podcast with Spencer this week! We talked about reverbs and echo effects and it was awesome!

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-