Day 1042: D&D Adventures

This evening I finally plunged back into the world of Role Playing, and spent time with my local friends having a blast in our imaginations. 

I missed last weeks session so I was trying to catch up with all the things that appened in my absence, and then role play accordingly with the situations that arose. This week we were exploring through a dungeon, and came across an elemental and a dao, an earth genie sort of thing, and then dealt with some other creatures too, as we hungered for a weapon we saw lying around. 

Then, upon spending time with the weapons we started to understand more about what we had uncovered. We found a magic hammer that is used to forge enchanted weapons, alongside an earth magic laden sword. 

The adventure continued as we made our way along passages, past some ogres, to the lair of a chimera. It guarded a large pile of treasure, and for once, we showed restraint. Oh how we wanted to take it, but the hassle was likely not worth the reward. 

We then moved on, along more tunnels and up some stairs carved in the earth. 

We walked into a room that hosted two guards, upon which I made a hilarious remark about the goat part of the chimera being a remarkable lover, which broke their seriousness, with some well injected humour. It was quite possibly the best joke I've made in the campaign. 

The humour was quickly dissuaded and turned to anger, and we readied our weapons and began the assault. We rushed into battle and managed to land a few hits before reinforcements arrived and really began to rain on our glorious parade of violence. We dispatched one of the enemies quickly, with the other initial enemy being quite damaged by the time the local leader arrived. Upon her arrival, fireballs were thrown, and many people were hurt, one of our party lost consciousness, and the enemies wilted and expired. The main enemy was left standing, clearly not hurting herself, and our attention turned towards her. Our warlock cast a demonic spell, that looked to ail our opponent, and then the goliath took his turn. His attempts looked weak in comparison to my carefully placed attack. I swung twice at this evil-do-er (rolling critical hits both times) and sunk my sword in, freezing our enemy in place. 

Victory was ours, for now, and our downed team mate was swiftly healed. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-