Day 1038: A Wicked Time

Rachyrock and I took a trip to London today. 

We started off by heading to Hamleys to have a look around. There were so many awesome toys, and Regent Street was closed for a Car Festival thing. 

So we then headed to a restaurant called Princi and we had some amazing pizzas. It was delightful. We then headed to Amorino to get some gelato, sorbet and ice cream. It was great! 

Then we headed to Victoria for the thing we went to London for. We went to see Wicked! I was skeptical about it, but I knew it'd win me over because it would probably be something I would like. It certainly was, and I certainly enjoyed it. I thought that the whole story was fantastic, and that the links and references to the Wizard of Oz were great and well thought out, and that made me very please with it. Rachyrock enjoyed it thoroughly, but she's seen it before.

Then we went to Lush on Oxford Street, and Rachyrock told me to tell her to not buy anything. So I did, and she bought stuff. But at least I made a point. For posterity. 

Then we headed back, saw some amazing fireworks, then we made excellent mac and cheese. Now, we're just chilling out. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-