Day 1049: Meeeeeeee...

I missed my 9 year anniversary on Monday, but I kind of understand. I've been really missing out on being here, I've only really been posting my journals, and that's about the extent of the interaction I've had, I've barely had time to keep up with comments that are made on them. It's made me not feel great about the way I've been interacting around here, I know I'm certainly a person who tries to help out the mentality of getting out what get's put in, but I know I'm not putting much in at the moment. 

It's kind of bumming me out, but at the same time, I'm being fulfilled in many ways while being away from here, that this place is only serving me as a place to share my thoughts unfiltered (of sorts) and as a place to write. 

I haven't really been sticking to the writing schedule I wanted to as well, but that's just because of the way I've been so focussed at work, and the last few weeks I've been putting time into work while out of office hours are going on, and it's clearly taking a toll. This evening for example I spent 2 and a half hours working on my assignment and I know that I've only just begun, I'm happy with the progress but I know it's going to be taking up more evenings and more things are going to have to be compromised so that I can get it finished on time to the quality that I desire. 

I also need to be aware that I have my TKD assessment coming up, and I need to learn the theory for that, as well as needing to know the patterns, and ensuring I'm in the right place physically to take part to the level I know I can be at. It's got to the point where the last few weeks I've trained TKD only one night a week, and that's simply not enough. I've also, due to cycling and the weather being good, noticed that I've not been using my gym membership that I've been paying for so made conscious efforts this week to actually get myself out to that, so that I can get the value out of it. I need to spend more time at the weekends working on fitness and assignments too, so that I'm not wasting time. 

I know I have a lot of improvements to make, I also want to work on more music, which I've been doing more this week. I spent a few minutes this evening working on some singing, again remembering that I still don't know my register very well, and then I spent some time figuring out the chords for Dragon Slayer by NSP on my guitar, and I'm happy that I actually got it sorted, then I looked it up, thought it looked wrong and someone ad said about it being in the wrong key, and that it was in the key I thought it was in. 

Anyway, lots of talking about me. 

I hope you all have excellent days! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-