Day 1046: Minecraft!

I've been playing a bunch of Minecraft today and yesterday. It starts the same way, and progresses the same way for the first few hours every time. 

Step 1: Make tools, upgrade, and gather resources. I always try to start with wooden tools, very quickly moving on to stone, then begins the search for iron. Once a few blocks of iron have been obtained, the decision on which tools to make is usually pretty easy, first a pickaxe, second a sword, then a shovel. Then anything else should I need it. Then gather food, and wool, so that a bed can be made, and so that I won't go hungry. 

Step 2: Establish a home base. I try to build myself a house that will be okay to start, and can be upgraded easily, usually by adding layers of basements. I try to make it on a distinct area of land, with some flat area nearby, and hopefully some water too. The water is more a priority when thinking about monsters, as when there is water on one side, it's less likely monsters will spawn there. 

Step 3: Set up a farm for wheat. Wheat is a good commodity, you can replant with more wheat and make an endless supply of bread from the extras. Then the next step I mix up, I either will try to gather animals together, or go mining. 

Step 4: Animal Farm. I establish lanes of fences with ideas of which animals to put in each, and try my best to influence where the animals go, and lead them using wheat, seeds and carrots to get them into the right places, then trap them. Then, I make them make more animals, so that there is a healthy supply of animals should I need any of their resources. 

Step 5: Arrange a strip mine. Using the starting map, I'll find a decent area of land, that's unlikely to break into water, and mine down to 12 levels above bedrock. Why 12 levels above? Well, lava spawns at height 12 and below, and not above, unless there are some weird circumstances. When mining at this height, you need to actively walk yourself into lava for it to be an issue. Or, you know, get pushed by monsters. So, I'm at level 12, I'll mine along in one direction for a while, and then make notches in the wall every 3 blocks, so I've got blank space, then rock, then rock then blank space, and so on. I'll then mine a distance in the perpendicular direction and stop when I feel like I've gone far enough, and then mine along to the same co-ordinate that I mined to before, making notches along the way, indicating the channels that I want to mine down. Then I'll start mining all these strips away. Another bonus about mining at level 12? Diamonds spawn, exclusively between levels 6 and 18, and under extreme hill biomes, e also have emeralds spawn between levels 6 and 32, so if we happen to pass under one of those, we will find those too. 

Step 6: Make all the nice things. Now we have some diamonds, we can make a pickaxe, and then work on getting an enchanting table, so that means back to the mine to try and find some lava and dousing it with water to make obsidian to mine. I tend to mine extra as well, so that I can get enough to make a nether portal. Now we have an enchanting table, we need book cases, and so begins the longest quest I usually undertake, so that I can make high level enchantments. I need to find a bunch of cows to harvest for leather, and set up a sugar cane farm to make enough paper for all the books I want to make. Eventually there will come a time when enough are made and level 30 enchantments can be made. 

Step 7: Figure out the goals. Next I figure out what I want to do, if I'm a low level, I'll likely make a trip to the nether, if I'm a higher level I'll try and hit level 30 to get a fun enchantment. Then from there, it's really a case of what seems like fun, and what do I want to achieve when I play. 

Today, I wanted to go into the nether, which was just a source of pain for me, but I got nether wart, 2 blaze rods, and some magma creme, so now I can begin making potions, and they'll certainly help on trips to the nether again in the future. Especially with fire resistance. 

Anyway, minecraft is for everyone! Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-