Day 1009: Adventurers Log - Diablo 3 Game Night!

Tonight I played games with Ben, Russell and Adam/Attitude1 from the RTUK group. We played Diablo and we had a great time. 

Ben had only picked up the game in the past week, so we decided to join him on his quest and have some fun while doing so. So we all started some characters, we had a monk, a barbarian, a witch doctor and a wizard. We were doing well and having a laugh, all while playing the game. 

So we disjointedly began our adventure by looking for shards of the strangers sword, first by searching the Khazra den, then looking elsewhere. Eventually we wound up in Wortham to reclaim the hilt, but it was gone. 

We then had to adventure through the Caverns of the Spider Queen Aranaea, in what was a wild quest filled with spiders and other assorted crawly creatures. It was here that we started to work well together and get stuff accomplished using teamwork! 

There were quite a few instances where we managed to co-ordinate well enough to freeze the enemy, damage, freeze again, and damage more and keep relatively well on top of it all. 

We pushed on and defeated Aranaea, and forged on into the highlands and towards Leorics Manor. Once there we discovered more treachery of the evil witch Magda. After clearing her assailants she escaped again, and we headed on into the Halls of Agony. 

All in all a good time was had. This is only a small portion of the game night, but it was a good time, and I can't wait to play more! 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-