Day 1008: Creative Writing Practice - Part 2

Mostly the seventh bridge is the most favourable to cross on a windy Tuesday. While there may be three paths, only one is ever taken, but the other two are far less overgrown. Maybe the fact the only path taken is overgrown makes people believe that the path needs to be travelled more. 

While there are no correct ways to travel, some forms are preferred over others. The ability to move and climb freely are valued. We would recommend that you travel by foot. 

Along the trail you will encounter many tempting oddities. You must resist them, or you will never make it to the end of the path. These words will aid you in your time of need - 'I don't need anything. It only weighs me down.' 

Time moves in mysterious ways and while you'll never go back in time, mere minutes may pass, or hours may slip away. If you see a creature you don't recognise as real, do not try to understand, and accept it for what it is, maybe these creatures were born in the realm, and only glimpses have ever been remembered. 

If you learn nothing from this journey then we have chosen incorrectly, and you'll be none the wiser from the experience, we apologise if this is the case. If you are to become truly awoken and embrace this alternate view on the world as you know it, you will soon find that there are many like minded people that have shared this experience. This should never be isolating, you will be welcomed.


What a weird thing I wrote. Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-