Day 1033: The food of a creature of habit

I had a super busy day today, I'm not sure if I went too hard in sparring, and I finished studying my first unit. 

So, I'd like to talk about something else, because my brain just wants to dump everything out, but I don't really know what I want to write. 

I'm very much stuck in my ways for some things. I mix it up at the weekends, but every night I cook the same thing if I've been training. I boil some water, add a dash of salt, cut up 4 mini potatoes, and put them in. I put garlic bread in the oven, then after a few more minutes add pasta to the pot. i then cut some green beans, or dwarf beans, depending on what I've got in my fridge, and wait a while before adding them. 

I wait a little more time, until the meal is cooked, and strain the boiling pot, and remove the garlic bread from the oven. If my biggest bowl is free then I put the potato pasta green bean mix in there and then grab a small plate, onto which I put the garlic bread. I add two teaspoons of pesto, regular, or chilli, to the bowl, and grate cheese over the top. I'll mix it all together in the bowl then move to my eating location. 

I'll eat the entire contents of the bowl first, then finish with the garlic bread. 

I must have made this meal over 500 times, and I know it's very carb heavy, but for me, it's a winning meal. Though it's a very solitary meal, and I like it, I don't think I'd consistently make it for anyone, I'd totally try and show off any other culinary skills I have so that we can have some real variety in the food we eat. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-