Day 1005: Competition

Competitions are healthy, when approached with the right attitude. It's been two years since I ran in a competitive arena, something that I remembered over the weekend, and I'd really like to try again. 

But in that area, this weekend I've got a TKD competition going on, and I'm competing in patterns. I don't know if I'm scared of competing in sparring, or just not interested in it in general, but I like club sparring a load, and I don't enjoy the stress of anticipating getting punched in the face.

I've been practicing my patterns again and again, hoping that I'll be able to remember them all and all the parts to them should a random one be called. That's hopeful as it is, as you get a choice of a pattern and an elected pattern, but the elected pattern is only given in the final. 

I need to remember when performing to slow things down by about 10% to signify that I know the intent and that the pattern isn't rushed, and that all the moves are completed properly. 

This week is going to be building towards that, and I already feel like I've been slightly derailed, but I'm making sure I'm back on track, and I hope I can train 3 times this week, with tonight being the first of those three. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-