Day 1030: #VolcanionQuest2016

Today I left work promptly. I had a mission, a goal, and I was going to achieve it! 

So I wanted to visit a local games store and pick up the promotional Volcanion that is currently on offer for Pokemon. But my town today was having a Rugby match, and general traffic on a Friday was a bit crazy. 

I was searching for 3 codes. I made my way towards the store, with many people obfuscating the way forward, but I carried on and remained calm. I was there for only one purpose, and that purpose was Volcanion. 

I made it to the store, and waited around, looking at the various things around the shop, what games are coming soon, what games are cheap? Well, that's really detracting from the mission. To the till I march! I ask for the codes, and I'm promptly asked how many I want, "3", I replied, and am informed that is the max I can get. Good, because that's all I need. 

Now I have my codes, I have to make it home, claim my own, and distribute the other two to those who asked. But I have to get home. And that's a challenge in itself. The roads are packed, and I quickly devise a low traffic route home. About 5 minutes away I realise I'm missing some things I need for tomorrows adventure, so a detour beings to occur. I make my way, collecting the missing things, and supplies for tomorrow, and I leave. 

I make it back to my apartment, claim my code and distribute the other codes! Quest complete! WOO! Victory! For today. Tomorrow's adventure has another flavour entirely. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-