Day 1028: Usually it's D&D night, but that's tomorrow...

So I've been back at studying, and I'm so close to finishing the first unit I've been working on. Then comes all the assignment work associated with it. That's all something that I'm trying to get done, so likely it'll come up again and again. I'm studying apparently everything about quality management, because apparently that's what I do for a job. Recently it's been a bit crazy because the expectations of what I do are wild varied and feel like they have no cohesion, so I could be asked to do completely different things in a random order the whole day. And I also seem to be the only one making any purchases for the whole of the lab and it's just something that I guess I have to do. 

Anyway, little rant over. I'm doing okay, I'm really looking forward to my break from work next week, and I feel like I just want to rest and relax. I know this weekend is going to be super hectic with MCM and then the day of cleaning in preparation. 

Also, festival of the lost is going on in Destiny so that's giving me something to do when I log on, which is a nice distraction when I find the time. 

It's another weird busy week, hopefully tomorrow night is D&D and I really feel like I need some role playing in my life.

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-