Day 1027: TKD Part 5 - Indomitable Spirit

I tried to do some creative writing today but it just didn't pull together, so I decided to try and write about something else. That thing soon became TKD.

I will finish that journal at another time. And that's an example of what I'm going to talk about. 

The fifth tenet of TKD is Indomitable Spirit, the refusal to give up, the desire to carry on. It's certainly something that I enjoy, but for me, I only feel myself lacking in this area when my desire and self control don't get me starting. It's rare that I'll give up, rare that I'll quit mid-way through something. I try my best to finish what I've started, and I enjoy that. 

This aspect is another that comes up in class from time to time with peoples commitments to training, but it rarely is something that needs to be questioned. With time, we can overcome many of the challenges in front of us. Some times time is strict in class, but as long as we persevere with integrity then our indomitable spirit will shine. 

I've been trying to utilise this aspect of my training more and more at work recently, with quite a few of the weeks recently I've had to really push myself to feel like I need to finish the week at work, and get all the work done, because there's been times I've certainly felt de-motivated. 

This area of the training is the hardest for me to put into words as it's a commitment that I'm not great at, something that I hopefully prove that I exercise regularly. I think things like writing a journal every day and publishing a podcast every week is something that helps me foster this image in my head of visualising what I do that displays indomitable spirit. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-