Day 1026: Starting the week off...

This week has started off well! Hopefully tonight I'll also put together this weeks episode of my podcast! 

Tonight I'll be going to TKD and having a good time. The past weekend was the British open tournament, where some of the members of our club were competing, so I hope that in training we move away from training for it, mainly because there are a few other things I want to practice and learn and get feedback on. 

enjoyed the new episode of RWBY, the changes in animation were super noticeable and I'm glad because I like the way everything felt cohesive. I have a few thoughts, but I've been sharing them with Rachyrock, and I can't wait this weekend to meet up with a bunch of people at MCM and discuss! 

I've got lots of stuff to do! And some of that stuff involves cleaning my apartment! It's going to be incremental throughout the week, but then at the weekend it's going to be blitzed, everything is probably going to be moved and a thorough cleaning will occur!

And things have been all rearranged so D&D night will be Thursday and so I'll study Wednesday and train tonight and tomorrow night. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-