Day 1004: Weekends are fun!

I've had a pretty reat weekend! There was the MDB game night on Friday, yesterday I started the day with some running, then went over to somewhere in Oxfordshire for dinner to celebrate my mums birthday. 

Today was cool, I started the day by going for a bike ride, I rode 35km, and I felt great afterwards. There's been a bunch of pokemon playing as well. 

But mainly I got a song finished that I never thought I'd get through. It's called Neither Will I, mainly named that for the final lyrics in the song, because our lyricist never got back to us about how to name it. I'm super happy with it, there's some fun vocal stuff on it. It can be found on my soundcloud at this handy link! It's only 45 seconds long as well! The round target was to make a song less than 1 minute in length. 

There's been lots going on, next weekend is competition weekend! OOOH! 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-