Day 1021: There was no D&D tonight...

I don't know what's good or bad. I know what I like and I dislike, but telling good things away from bad is more challenging. 

But that's just some thing I've been thinking about through the day. 

I've been studying all night, and my brain is fried and I need to rest, so this journal will be short. I've recognised I'm close to finishing this unit so then I can begin on the assignment, so I'm pushing myself to finish it soon, but it's all stuff that's new, it seems intuitive so I don't know whether I'm actually picking nything up, so I'm finding that I don't feel at times I'm learning anything. I'm having a strange time trying to figure it out. 

I spent a bit of the night listening to music that many would find questionable at best, and I was having a blast, but I switched over to a shuffle of all my music library and was pleasantly surprised at the music that was thrown at me. 

Anyway, I have nothing else to say today I think. 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-