Day 1019: TKD Part 4 - Self Control

This one is one I struggle with, in many aspects of my life. I try my best to be good, and not eat certain sweet foods, but I do have a ridiculous sweet tooth, and once I start something it's unlikely I'll stop until it's done and there is no more left. 

In training though I have the same issue, I'll start and I'll only finish once everything is done. 

So there we have it, immediately both sides of self control.

But it's not that simple, it's never that simple. 

I cut out a whole bunch of things, alcohol, other things, and I have to understand that I have to have some vices. I know that this week I'm behind on studying so I need to take an evening to study, so I'm going to, I know I also need to study more, so I probably will study more so that I can complete this unit I'm working on in a timely manner, so I'm not stressing about it right up to the deadline. 

Then there's other things, getting the motivation and exercising the self control I do have to not take a night off from exercise when I know I should is a big one, from time to time I'll certainly have a night to recharge, but that's not the same, as feel like I'm missing out on training. Tonight I could have easily claimed I was feeling rubbish from work, it was a testing day, and chilled out and not trained at all. But I went to training, and it was great. I had a good time, I might have a bruise under my eye, but that's part and parcel of training. 

So self control comes in many forms, and utilising it in the correct way aligned with the other 4 tenets of TKD is something that becomes very powerful. It's certainly bleeds over into my real life a lot more than I probably give it credit for.

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-