Day 1016: A week and then the bit ahead!

It's been a weird week. There's been a load to do at work, a new instrument was installed and I had to learn as quick as possible how to use it, and now I think I understand how it's working, and I hope that the next week is kind, so that I can get it running smoothly every time it's needed.

This week I've also had a relatively low motivation to train, however I still managed to go to TKD a few times, and I had a great time each time I went. 

Tomorrow there is the GGG meet up in London and I'm super excited, can't wait to see everyone, it'll be a blast! 

I've also had assorted Starbomb songs stuck in my head all week. And it's been awesome! 

And then there's probably other things! Woo! 

Have an excellent weekend! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-