Day 1014: Destiny Impressions - Out of Game Content

I am a fan of podcasts, we all know this, and I watch things on youtube, as does nearly everyone here. (I'm sure there are exceptions)

Destiny itself is a game that I enjoy, but surrounding it, during my other times, I'll listen to a few bits of Destiny fan content, game plays, podcasts, and general lore videos. 

I listen to Destiny The Show, Fireteam Chat and Guardian Radio, all of which provide me different amounts of Destiny news. Fireteam Chat is IGNs podcast and they focus on the news, and their impressions, but news is more at a face level and there's light speculation, Destiny the Show goes through news in depth, what it means, and a lot of speculation, but in depth in only a few topics. Guardian Radio though is the most chaotic, there are 5 regulars, and they usually pick one or two topics, have questions from the audience and generally run about 2 hours, nd have a great community segment for finding a clan. All of these keep me up to date, and are useful resources to learn more about the game. 

Then, I keep up with a whole bunch of people, who do a whole bunch of different things on youtube, I'd rather not direct specifically to channels, but there are some that have been great, usually I'll watch some 1v3 trials things, and then other custom games, as recently it's been released, and there's been some cool things that have come out of that. 

I like consuming this content and it's in a great place right now, with such variety, and considering it's only one game, I'm shocked at how much I can enjoy. 

I don't know what else to say other than I probably consume far too much Destiny content, but it keeps me amused.

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-