Day 2057: Wrestling Wednesday!

I think I’ve gone a week without watching any wrestling. But there’s still loads going on in the universe.

The NXT brand has found a home on TV, which is going to be interesting, a 2-hour show, from what was a pre-taped 1 hour show. It’s going to be a fascinating transition.

I’m looking forward to seeing what goes on with that, but soon, AEW will have it’s own show on Wednesdays. It should be a great time.

I think the only thing to really catch up with right now is NXT, which after the Takeover show is interesting. I am sad that I didn’t get a chance to previously catch up, but now that things have happened, I don’t mind missing out on some things.

I’m looking forward to Royal Quest, I think after I talked about seeing Kenta vs Ishii I saw that it was announced, which should be absolutely wild. That match should be an absolute banger, I’m excited.

There’s a lot going on, but over the last week, I’ve needed some space from wrestling.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2056: Homemade

As we continue on our journey through life, more and more things that we are eating are becoming home made, because home made food is pretty class. 

Like I said on Sunday, I wanted to make home made pasta, but we had to use some that we had up, but aside from that, everything else we put together was from their simple ingredients. I like doing that, but that should come as no surprise, I am a chemist after all, and methods are fun to follow. This has slowly crept into my reality away from work, and with the lack of structure that the current time holds, I find myself wanting to do stuff.

The kitchen is the easy answer of a place I get to try to make things. This curiosity is not mine alone however, as Rachael also enjoys kitchen time. We balance out well, I like helping out and occasionally leading the charge, and Rachael knows what to do when she wants stuff and will help out when needed when I'm directing the flow. 

Now, I like making things, and the kitchen is fun. I can reliably make pasta from. Flour and eggs, I can bash up a wicked tomato sauce, granola is a breeze, and I'm getting there with flat breads. There’s other things too, like today, Rachael made some Hummus, and I stood around. I made a skillet cookie on Sunday and that was great, but what went along with it was homemade vanilla ice cream. We could have chosen one of the other two flavours of ice cream we’ve also made, peach, or passion fruit, but vanilla was the most apt.

I want to learn more, I want to make more, and the kitchen is a fun place to be.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2055: Music Monday!

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to learn more music and theory, and it’s going well. I’m trying to build up a repertoire of songs that I know that I can play as and when needed, and hopefully I can find someone who will want to sing them, or, if nothing else, I can use the chords as a basis to jam and improvise over.

I am continually adding songs to the list, and I want to try and just figure out what more songs that I think people would enjoy.

The new Killswitch Engage album came out on Friday, and it’s good. I’ve listened to it through 3 times now, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. I think for me, nothing will stand up to their Disarm the Descent album, but Atonement is a decent album. It’s got some bangers on it and it’s very enjoyable to listen, and keeps the blood pumping at the gym.

At the gym I have been listening to a lot of Soilwork, as their music really keeps me going more than most, as it’s consistent and high paced, so I enjoy having it on to work out with, and they have some incredibly tasty riffs.

This week I want to learn more theory, and work on getting better at my overall fretboard knowledge and work on knowing the scales in all positions. I want to work on more chord changes and work on the chord knowledge and intervals, so that I can play chords that always fit together. I’ve started practicing using Minor 7ths, Major 7ths and Dominant 7ths, and that’s been an interesting lesson. I like what sounds I’m creating, and I’m hearing how it all works together, but I, as always, believe there more to practice and learn.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2054: I like food

Today I went a bit indulgent. I knew I wanted pasta, and I wanted to secretly make a cast iron skillet cookie. At lunch I started planning things for the cookie, but I was caught, and wasn’t able to keep the secret, as Rachael guessed my plans immediately.

I also wanted to make flatbreads to go along with the pasta, and wanted the coated with some garlic butter. When we eventually went shopping we needed very few things, and they were all easy to obtain.

We headed to our favourite kitchen, the big one at Rachaels parents house, and began working.

I needed to start on the big cookie immediately, as well as the dough for the flat breads, while Rachael was in charge of the pasta sauce and the pasta in general, though I did want to make that from scratch too.

The dough for the flat breads came together quickly, and was easy, and then I needed to melt the butter and incorporate the sugar into it. I then chilled it, and once it was cool added the egg and some vanilla, then carefully added all of the flour. At this point the pasta was almost ready and the flat breads were rolled out. It was a busy time. So the cookie was finished and shoved into the oven, then the flat breads were fried and the pasta was in and the sauce was made and it all came together.

The dinner was ready, the desert was cooking and I learned some things. The flat breads needed the contrast of the acidity, and maybe some salt, from the tomato sauce Rachael made to really come alive, the pasta was cooked well and the sauce was delicious.

We finished up and the cookie was ready, and our home made ice cream came out of the freezer. A home made cast iron skillet cookie and home made vanilla ice cream is an excellent way to end a Sunday. But, it would have been even better if there weren’t only two of us trying to eat a dessert meant for 3 or 4 people, because it was a real challenge towards the end, especially after Rachael metaphorically threw in the towel. It tastes so good though, and I really liked it. It’ll for sure get made again.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2053: As a Saturday should be

It's been an alright day, I watched some videos, played a bunch of guitar and chilled out a bunch. 

I read more of Salt Fat Acid Heat and learned more. I applied that knowledge at dinner time by ordering some Onion Rings. I ordered them  because what I learned was that if they're cooked too cold they'll be soggy, but if they are cooked too hot, they'll be crispy, but the batter won't have adhered to the onions. Luckily, they were cooked just right, and I had some delicious onion rings. 

I did try out my Guitar like I said the other day with the Chorus pedal in the effects loop and it seems to have solved the bad tone problem I was having. It’s been sounding really good with one of the guitars, but the other has been a little lacking when recording. That seems to be fixed now, so that’s exciting and I can use all the guitars for everything! 

I was talking to Rachael about, or more so, it was suggested to me that we go down to Grant’s Lounge for the jam night on Wednesday one week and see what’s going on, then when I can and feel confident, I should try and join in and just have a good time. So that’ll hopefully happen some time soon.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2052: Trying

Today I went to the gym, and I tried hard. They had some new equipment, so I tried a few bits out. I also set myself a strange and tough barbell work out, lots of jumping with weights today. I am aching from it, but that’s okay, just what was expected to be fair.

Then, while at the gym I listened to the new Killswitch Engage album, I’ll share thoughts about that on Monday, definitely want to give it another spin before then.

I also played and practiced more Destiny 2 on PC, and have been very inconsistent. I need to work on getting better with mouse and keyboard.

That’s it for today. I am sleepy. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2051: Too Much

Today, I got a bit carried away. I wanted to play guitar, I wanted to write music, I wanted to learn more songs, and I wanted to just get noisy. I did all that, but I also did it enough for my forearms to get sore, and so I needed to stop. And I needed to stop at about 4pm, because it was bad enough for me to recognise then that there was nothing more I could do safely. Unless, unless I turned my attention to working on synthy stuff, and so I started investigating. I found some things I could use, but my little keyboard does not work with my laptop, so it was pointless for a while, then I found some cool things, and I was reinvigorated.

I have an idea for a track that I want to record, and I don’t really know how it’s going to come out, but it should be relatively simple, but somewhat long. I know roughly how I want it structured, and I know what I want to do. Tomorrow I will be starting on that, maybe after either cycling or going to the gym, so I should be motivated and excited to get started.

I’m starting to hear sounds within sounds, and so that’s making me excited to record one instrument to try and figure out where to go with another instrument. I’ve got some synth sounds I’ve been working on, and I hope that in combination with what I’m already thinking I can get a cohesive idea out.

I set up my amps today so that both of mine, and the one I’m borrowing, were all making noise. I posted it on my instagram, but what I did was run from the guitar through an EQ and an overdrive pedal into a POG which split the signal, then the clean signal went into the Fender Champion 600, and that went into the speaker cabinet I build, which is loaded with the Eminence Swamp Thang. Alone that sounds mighty, but I also went from the POG into my ABY splitter, and then into each of my amps, the Fender Bassbreaker 15w, and the Boss Katana 100w 2x12. The bassbreaker had a chorus pedal in the loop, and a bunch of reverb on it, and the Katana had a delay and reverb set on it. I was getting a ‘dry’ signal coming through the Champion, and wet signals from the other two, and I balanced the sounds together, and it all sounded glorious, truly inspiring to play.

I’ve also been learning songs, things that I can play, and things I want to play, simply chords, classic songs. I want to be able to find someone who wants to sing, and just be like, here are these songs, sing along and we’ll have a great time, but it’s also good for me to know that I can just pick up a song and start learning it, and have the capability to do that. Of all the ones I picked up yesterday and today, I think “I Shot the Sheriff” has been my favourite to play through, it’s simple, but a lot of fun, and I’m playing the Clapton version of it, mainly because I can play around with the triads and it’s a good fun workout with the sounds, and getting my fingers moving.

I’m trying to learn a bunch of songs by chords, so if you have any recommendations let me know!

I put out a podcast today where I was talking to Derek, and he’s started a podcast called The Sleight of Hand Podcast, which can be found in all the places you find podcasts! We talked about that, D&D and a bit about games on my latest podcast which you can find here!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2050: Wrestling Wednesday!

So much has happened over the last week. And now for the forseeable future it’s going to be quiet-ish, I may even get caught up on NXT.

New Japan was absolutely killer over the weekend, culminating in the G1 final, with Kota Ibushi vs Jay White. The matches leading up to it were excellent, particularly the Ibushi vs Okada match, and White vs Naito. There were a lot of other good matches, and one was set up that I am more excited for than nearly any other match that has happened or is going to happen this year. You see, at the G1 Climax, Kenta betrayed his tag-team partners, and joined Bullet Club, which was a bad move, and set up the match I was excited about. The fact that Katsuyori Shibata came down to the ring and put the hurt on Kenta was no surprise, but the match set up thats come out of it is Kenta vs Ishii, who might be the most reliable wrestler around at the moment. In fact, the other person I’d like to see Kenta against is Shingo Takagi, who Ishii also had an absolute banger with in the tournament.

Will Ospreay vs Tanahashi was excellent, and Moxley vs Juice was very enjoyable, I’m looking forward to the final part of their story, which I hope will be a victory for Juice over Moxley for the US Title. It was a fascinating weekend, and outcome for the tournament, and it’s been excellent watching it.

NXT Takeover Toronto was wild! 5 Matches, most of them were good. The Tag Team match was good, it was entertaining, and it kept the Undisputed Era hot but kept them at arms distance from the titles. I thought that was the best showing for Angelo Dawkins that I’ve seen, he was really solid. I like what they’re doing right now. It’s good stuff!

Candice LeRae vs Io Shirai was class, probably the best womens match of the weekend, but because the crowd were invested. I thought the best wrestled match of the weekend was one that the crowd didn’t get into and the build up to was rubbish. It was a very angry Io that made this match worth watching, it really was interesting. I’m hoping that it’ll either build to something phenomenal, which I’m suspecting, but I think there’s a few things that need to happen. I think that Shayna needs to lose the title, and they were right, Mia Yim didn’t seem to be the person to do it at this time, but that match was weird, and I don’t want to comment further on it, but I would like to see the Captain of Team Kick come back and take it from Shayna. Then Io beat her, and Candice then be like “ooh we have unfinished business”.

The triple threat match for the US title was good. With Undisputed Era members in every match, there was a suspicion that they would sweep the titles across the show, but that didn’t happen. Pete Dunne to the loss, but I think he’ll be around for a while, and it also keeps Undisputed Era in the title picture as Roddy Strong didn’t get pinned.

The NXT title match was good, it was nowhere near as good as their previous matches, but I think it’s the end of the Johnny Gargano in NXT, and I’m hoping that he gets to the main roster and gets a decent feud and storyline.

Then there was Summerslam! My favourite women’s match happened here! No prizes for guessing. It was Bayley vs Ember Moon. It was a great match, short yes, the crowd weren’t into it, and there was no build up to it, but it was innovative, well paced for the time they had, and it was really enjoyable to watch.

Other points of note other than the one thing I really wanted to comment on, Brock vs Seth Rollins was good, better than I was expecting, maybe that’s because it was not the expected outcome. The other women’s matches were alright, I didn’t really enjoy them that much. Kofi vs Orton was okay, KO vs Shane O’Mac was alright, and that’s about all I remember.

Other than The Fiend vs Finn Balor. I enjoyed this. Like, who wouldn’t? A guy with a lantern comes out, and the lantern is how he used to look before he went away, like a decapitated head. It was a relatively simple match, but it was good, the crowd was excited, they were invested, and down the line, I hope that we get more of The Fiend, but also that it can culminate at Wrestlemania 2021 (at the earliest) as The Fiend vs The Demon Finn Balor. There needs to be a slow build, and there must be a reason it’s Finn Balor first.

It’s been a wild time in the world of wrestling, but here we are! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2049: New Goals and Reminders

Today I went on a walk, played some guitar, making progress on recording some music, and did some general organising and tidying of the kitchen. I also made some granola. I have started using my phone for tracking goals and setting reminders so that I get things done and I feel accountable to something. I'm currently asking my phone to set goals for playing/practicing guitar, cleaning, and exercising.

I think that this week should be a bit productive, I’m looking to get a bunch of stuff recorded. I wasn’t completely happy with my guitar tone so I put the guitar down before I’d recorded all I wanted to. I think I can change things by just changing guitar, but I really think that I can get the tone I want from the guitar I was playing, so I need to invest some time in understanding where the sound changed and how I can fix it. I suspect that it might be coming from a buffer in the effects loop, as I was playing without the chorus pedal in the position it’s usually in. That’ll be the first thing that I try tomorrow.

I tried playing some Destiny 2 on PC today, and it went okay, I definitely have a lot to learn, as I’m so unfamiliar with mouse and keyboard that some things were a bit shameful, and my movement felt bad. Next week cross save comes, so I’ll be able to have all the items I am already familiar with, but until then, I’ll just practice with whatever drops if I play more.

I was sent a link to a resource that I’m finding very useful and fun to look at. There’s a bunch of books with music in them, and chords for popular songs, so I am trying to just play through a little bit here and there and work on the transitions between chords as sum transitions I am not great enough at. I want to be a fluid rhythm player as well as being able to play a mediocre lead too. I say this, but with a limited amount of my knowledge, in that I played with restrictions, the latest song I put out was one of my favourites that I’ve played on. Check it out on soundcloud, it’s called Goodbye Winter.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2048: Music Monday!

I finished a song today! I worked on it with Aliceline, who I worked on the last Game of Bands song too, and FlaskBear who did vocals. The song was for the last part of the Game of Bands Elements series, with the theme this time being Water. We wanted to do a pop song, and so I needed to try and find some things to try and emulate, and was suggested Ed Sheeran and Lauv. While I was familiar with one of those guys, I wasn’t familiar with the other. I learned some stuff, and took what I learned into this track. I tried my best to emulate but hopefully it came out with it’s own sound, rather than sounding like anything else in particular.

The song is called Goodbye Winter and you can find here on my soundcloud.

I’m happy with how it ended up, there were a few mixes thrown back and forwards with different amounts of reverb on the vocals, but we settled on a subtle amount throughout. Aside from that, this is probably my easiest song to play the whole way through, and I enjoy just playing it and chilling out playing it again and again.

I have spent some time working on other songs throughout the week, and hopefully this week I’ll start getting them recorded. I played with Rachaels brother William on Saturday for about an hour and a half, just playing some rhythm and lead and trading back and forth making some good sounds. It was eye opening to just play with someone and jam, and it was a lot of fun. In a roundabout way it made me more excited for the Tool album that is due to come out soon.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2047: Second Sunday

Today, with last weekend being First Friday, was Second Sunday, with some music in the park in the centre of Macon. There was a band playing called Magnolia Moon, who are a good rock bank, with influences and covers of songs by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix among others, with a clear root in the local ground from The Allman Brothers Band.

It was a cool thing to see, and a bunch of people were out and about. We caught up with a few people, and just chilled out for a while in the warm outside air.

I’ve sort of spent the rest of the day watching wrestling, as there’s been a lot going on, and with all the food yesterday, I haven’t eaten particularly much today. I do feel like I’ve eaten enough to get moving and cycle tomorrow, and that should be good.

This week ahead is going to be interesting, and I have a lot I want to get done, as it seems I always do. I want to get a bunch of music recorded for ideas I’ve been sitting on for a while, and with a song being finished tomorrow, that should free me up creatively to get stuff recorded.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2046: Rachyrocks Birthday!

Today was Rachaels birthday and I did a bunch of planning so that we could have a great day.

I had planned for two friends to visit so that they could all catch up as a group for the first time in a long while. Then I has also asked her parents and brother to be around to chill out and we would make some food, and play a few games.

I spent a few weeks just writing down notes here and there and thinking about what foods we’ve enjoyed, and know how to make well. I also thought about what kind of things would go well, how we could make it all, and whether everyone needed to get involved.

So we made some burgers, which I had very little involvement in, and some mac and cheese in which I had a little bit of input, then there were nachos and veggie burgers which I had control over. The final part of the puzzle was some cupcakes which I bought, and some home made passion fruit ice cream, which came out to be excellent.

Everything was well received and my secondary plans came together too, as I took two guitars and two amps over to jam with Rachaels brother and let the ladies all catch up, something that was warranted as in the whole time I’ve known Rachael, I haven’t known all three of them be in the same place at the same time.

The day went smoothly, everyone was appreciative of the day coming together, and I feel very satisfied with how it all went. And my belly is mega happy too.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2045: Gotta get caught up on Friday

It’s been a strange week. I’ll leave it at that. It’s Rachyrocks birthday tomorrow, and there’s a whole load of wrestling on over the weekend, so I’ll no doubt be entertained the whole time.

We caught up with the end of the Galacticraft series today, as well as some other series we enjoy watching. The end of Galacticraft was enjoyable, but I would have enjoyed seeing more of it.

We watched the most recent Binging With Babish videos, the one about the sea salt ice cream, and the squid ink spaghetti, and they were really cool, and gave me some ideas. Mainly about the spaghetti, and making pasta.

We saw Gourmet Makes of Pop Tarts and that was really cool, and for once it seems like it’s possible to do at home.

The other channel we got up to date with was Sorted Food and now I want muffins. Luckily we bought muffins the other day, and so we can eat those tomorrow. But there’s other things to eat tomorrow, as we bought pain au chocolat for Rachaels birthday. We planned ahead.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2044: Green, Lizards and Jalapeno Jam

On Monday I was playing guitar, shock, I know. But on the wall was a little lizard, an Anole, just crawling around, minding it’s own business, sheltered from the raucous outside Georgia weather during a thunderstorm. It crawled all over one wall, then made a brave jump to another, then eventually ended up atop the blinds. I lost sight of it as it was descending the blinds, and maybe shook it’s carcass free earlier today, but I don’t want to think or peer behind the sofa.

That was a whole adventure into itself that lasted a decent hour or so.

Then, yesterday I made a test batch, and today I made a full batch, yielding 4 jars of Jalapeno Jam. Tasty, spicy jam. It was a relatviely simple process, but I tried to be as safe as possible, and wore gloves and everything, but gloves can’t protect enough from sharp knives coated in Jalapeno liquid. I ran the knife a little into my left thumb, and I noticed a little immediately. Then, shortly after, a lot. The jalapeno spice was starting to burn, but there was nothing I could really do, the damage was done. So I just bandaged it up, and got on with making the remainder of the jam.

It turned out really well, the first few jars are packed with the chilis themselves, while the last one has a small amount of the chilis in it, but is mainly just jam clear green jam. The anole was green too.

What isn’t green is my podcast! This week was a short solo 5 minute podcast on the recent goings on. You can check it out here!

Peace -x-

Day 2043: Wrestling Wednesday!

Looking ahead, there’s so much to see before next week. I need to catch up with NXT, which is what I’m doing today, but I’m all up to date with the New Japan G1. This weekend, and tomorrow I think, we have nights 16-18 of the G1, and the finale on Monday, Takeover Toronto on Saturday, and Summer Slam on Sunday.

I can’t wait to see Okada vs Ibushi, that should be a phenomenal match, Ibushis match against Kenta was excellent, and Okadas match with Evil was great! This year has had some of the best matches, and B block was a real sleeper hit. When the B-Block challengers were announced, I know that the reaction was about how there weren’t really many of the top stars, but it’s been so consistent and enjoyable, I haven’t switched a single match. I was tempted to skip Toru Yano matches, but he’s done really well too, and they were a welcome break from the intensity of the other matches.

What do I expect to happen? I think that Okada will beat Ibushi, then face Moxley, and end up winning that match too. I doubt I’m right, but I have no idea of what the other outcomes could realistically be.

What happened to Ospreay is kind of what I was anticipating, that he couldn’t hang with the heavyweights consistently, and just couldn’t break through. He’s been fascinating to watch, but it’s been a tough tournament.

Kenta has been great to watch, I didn’t really watch what he was on before, but based on the commentary it’s not worth checking out, I just need to know that he was considered one of the best in the world, but he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to show it.

Ishii has been the MVP of B-Block, but no one is really surprised, and Moxley has had the best run of matches I’m aware of that he’s ever had. Goto has been very enjoyable to watch, however, I really can’t stand Taichi, and I can’t tell whether he’s just good at being a heel, or he’s rubbish.

Bring on this mad weekend! (In which I’ll be not watching wrestling the whole time because it’s my wifes birthday)

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2042: A wild 24 hours

This time last night I was watching Baroness play an absolutely killer show, more on that on Monday, then I headed back to a house, and chilled out there and slept, and definitely didn’t have a bad time with cat hair.

Then we went out for breakfast with a friend, and then went to Ikea. I was a ball of energy, because of the afternoons appointment for immigration, and it’s importance, so I was running around, making terrible jokes, and being overwhelming to a certain wife that I have. She put up with me, but her patience was clearly running thin. We picked up some things for the house, just to make things a little easier, and give me some more storage space, as well as a side table for the bed, so I have somewhere to put my phone, and other things that might or might not make me laugh and get me in trouble.

We then travelled to Atlanta Discount Music for a while, and I played some guitars. All I wanted to do was try out a little range of guitars and be like, oh I don’t like this, or this plays well. I played a ‘used’ PRS guitar that was originally sold in 2002, and, well, it didn’t actually feel used. The pick up covers had corroded, but the neck had very little wear and it was a bit unwieldy. It felt like it was set up well, but just hadn’t had the hours put into it that it deserved. I certainly wouldn’t pay what they were asking for, but that's by the by really, as I’m not looking for a guitar like that. I did play 2 acoustics that I liked the feel of, but the one I preferred was a pure acoustic, and didn’t have any electronics in it to pick up any sound, which makes it not ideal for use in a band situation.

Then it was time for the biometrics appointment, and we made our way there, and got through and everything done in 15 minutes or so. It was simple, had a squinty photo taken, and had my fingerprints gathered, then we were off on our way.

We decided to go to two farmers markets, to try and find a bunch of different things. Don’t worry everyone, I found a double decker, which is a british chocolate bar, and it was awesome. We found so many awesome things, including another Cherimoya, and some Agar Agar. I have some exciting times ahead, especially with the gargantuan bag of Jalapenos that I bought.

It’s been hectic, with all the travelling around, but now we’re back and just chilling out. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2041: Music Monday!

Today I’m going to see Baroness, and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve been listening to them for a while, and really like their music. I try to emulate it, but it’s tough, they have a very unique style, which I adore.

I’ve been writing and playing a bunch of guitar, I tuned my Ibanez to drop D and it’s been sounding mighty, and it’s been loud. I’m really enjoying playing a lot at the moment, and I’m just trying to continually learn more, as always. I’m very motivated to just start learning things and figuring out what I want to do with all the knowledge.

I have really been enjoying, and I’m not certain if I’ve said about it yet, the new Elder EP, The Gold and Silver sessions. It’s a 3 track EP, all instrumental, and that’s been plenty inspiring. I want to try and emulate what they’ve done, and create something similar to the first track, Illusory Motion. They’re also going into the studio later in the year to record another full length album, which is mighty exciting news. I’ll be looking out for them touring at any time, they should be an absolute blast to see.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2040: Smashing Sunday

I spent some time today writing and recording music, and I had a good time. I’m happy with the progress the song is making, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Tomorrow Rachael and I will be heading up to Atlanta, again, this time for Immigration stuff, but it’s for an appointment on Tuesday, so we will be going in the evening. I’m planning on cycling in the morning and trying to cover the 60km again, and that should take up most of my morning.

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Destiny 2, and only have to masterwork my armour set now, so I’ve not got much to do before I don’t have much left to do, and that is kind of exciting. I like playing the game, but I definitely have only been playing it in fits and bursts. Now that the expansion is delayed to the beginning of October, I’m kind of keen to just take some time away from it, not that I’ve been playing it daily at all.

I have a lot of things to look at and enjoy, and read and watch that will help me with music, which I’ll likely talk about tomorrow. I’ve spent some of the weekend just looking into different channels that have been recommended to me on Youtube, and that’s been fun.

Rachael and I watched the Shark Week Immersion, and I thought it was a fun show, and it kind of highlights to me how far Rooster Teeth have come since I found them all those years ago. I just wish they had more shows like that, a well produced set format show. I don’t know what I expect, but I was thinking the other day that my favourite show they ever did was Free Play. I know it was a bit wild, but I really enjoyed it.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2039: No Good...

We are no good at doing nothing.

Our plans for the weekend were to chill out, catch up on things and stay in, after being out and around for the past 3 days.

We ended up going out to lunch with friends, and had a good catch up, as well as some tasty food.

While at the house I did play a lot of Sky Factory and I’m having a great time exploring and making things.

We ended up at the neighbours garden for about 2 hours as well, just catching up, which was fun.

I am now tired. It’s been a somewhat long day.

Have a great day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2038: First Friday

Today in Macon it was first Friday, which is always the first Friday of the month, and is a showcase for Macon creators. 

We headed downtown at around 6 and there was plenty of music being played, art galleries hosting and showcasing local art, as well as loads of food places that were very busy. 

I had a great time, and we caught up with a bunch of people, and I got to talk a lot of music, which was fun. 

I also ended up caffeine fueled, which I don't think has played it's full course yet, so we will see how that goes. 

I put out a podcast that I recorded with Andres, which was a lot of fun, and ended up being about 50 mins. You can check it out here!

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-