Day 1846: Quick Thoughts on Current Exercises

I had a freak out over the last week. Why? Well, I stepped on the scales at the gym one day after being ill and it showed that I weighed 75kg, which was significantly more than I was anticipating to weigh. I also had tight freshly washed jeans that day, and it made me feel really overweight and really uncomfortable.

This made me get myself into gear and plan out what I wanted to do at the gym as well as try to be conscious about what I was eating. I planned out some runs and some exercise circuits that I wanted to do so that I could get myself on track.

While I’m still working on them, and challenging myself, the next time I weighed myself, only 3 days later, I was 68kg again. All in all, exercise has been going well.

I know I’m behind on my running goal for the year, but I’m slowly making progress, and I’m hoping that I‘ll get fully into the rhythm of all of it and be catching up and maybe getting ahead of my goals.

I started deadlifting again, which I know has thrown my back out in the past, but I’m trying to be sensible, and I’ve only made it to lift 40kg at a time. But I’ve been sensible and listened to my back when it’s started to hurt a little I’ve stopped. I want to try and get to heavier weights, but I’m apprehensive to pick up the heavier weights.

I’m hoping to get more running done and get the pace up to where I want it to be, and I’ve been working on that with intervals and just general running. I’m feeling good, I know I could stand to loose a few kg, but all in all I’m happy with where I am.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1845: Music Monday!

I have been listening to a band called Witchcraft, who are a decent blues rock metalish band who put out an album in 2012 called Legend.

There is a track on that album where the solo goes in some wild ways and really reminded me of Eric Johnson in it’s tone, note choice and general composition. The track is called Flag of Fate and it’s worth checking out, they aren’t a particularly heavy band, but the whole album in general is good and I’d recommend to people who like that style of music.

I have signed up to Game of Bands once again, and this round is all about Video Games, and I’m trying to come up with some fun music for that. I really want to try and come up with some decent synth stuff so that it all sounds good, and kind of emulates the games from the 80s. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out and what I can come up with, and what is created by the other bands.

I remembered the other day, as it popped up on my feed, that the band Gorguts exists, and I was elated to have that revelation. I subsequently listened to their album Colored Sands and got lost in the utter heaviness of which it contains. It’s incredibly well put together heavy metal, and it really captivated me. I wish I could write music like that, but that made me think, is there anything actually stopping from making music similar? I do think that it’s possible, but I don’t think I have the tendencies to write and think in that way. It’s certainly interesting, and makes me think that I really should explore other genres to learn and work on so that I can really understand how to create music of all styles. I have heard before though that there are some styles that certain people just get, and this genre to me certainly seems to be one of them.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1844: Making food

I like making things, especially sweet things, and as such today I made some flapjack.

Flapjack here is chewy bar of oats mixed with some melted butter, golden syrup and brown sugar that has been heated to combine. Then you pour it all into the oats and mix until it’s all combined, then you bake it for 20-25 minutes. The resulting gooey mess is delicious, but you need to wait for it to cool, or otherwise it looses all of its structural integrity.

I also made pasta, I made the longest tagliatelle and had some home made pesto on it. Last night we made ravioli too, and that was delicious as we filled it with tomato and mozarella. All in all the cooking adventures of late have gone particularly well.

I have been following the recipe that Binging with Babish used for making pasta, where you pour flour on to the work surface then break two eggs into it and mix to combine, when combined and ready you knead it for 10 minutes. So far it’s worked every time, and it seems to be a very robust way to make pasta.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1843: The Continuing Guitar Adventure!

I found a few guitars I wanted to try at a shop about an hour away, so today was the day to try them out. I wanted to try out some guitars that were considerably more expensive than the guitars I have tried before.

The first of the guitars that I wanted to try was the Strandberg classic (£2020), a headless guitar with a fanned fretboard that looks cool. It’s a shame the back of the neck is a trapezium, and is rather unweildy, at least for my hands. It sounded good, but it has to be comfortable for me to play. It was light, easy to articulate notes, and was all round a decent guitar, just not for me.

Then I tried a Mayones Regius (£2500) and I really liked how it played. The neck was good, slim, very playable, and it felt really comfortable. It sounded a little off, something wasn’t just quite hitting me right, I think it was something about the guitars mid range characteristics, but I did not like how it articulated chords, it felt a little overwhelming and cluttered, and I think it has something to do with the pickups. They were the Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and a Jazz (neck). Saying that though, the other guitar I tried had the same bridge pick up and I didn’t find the same problem.

The other guitar I selected on my initial grouping was the t-style of the guitar I’d previously thought I’d get, a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas style 2 (£729). It had a 59 in the neck, rather than the Jazz, and while I tried a Style 1 before, I like the look of the style 2 better. It sounded good, it played alright, but the neck on it, and I thought this when I tried the Style 1 a few months ago, was massive. The more I played it and immediately switched between the other guitars, the more obvious it became. I struggled with it, I don’t know if I’d ever get along with it, but I’m glad I tried it out because otherwise it could have been a costly mistake.

I then asked for the Strandberg to be returned, I had no desire to pick it up again, and I tried out a PRS SE Custom 24 (£800), and it felt great. It felt very similar to my Schecter that I bought 14 years ago and still play all the time. It had a thinner neck than the Charvel, it had great sounding pick ups with the ability to coil split them to get a single coil tone. There was no strange mid-range characteristic throwing me off, and it played really well. I think I need to try out some more PRS guitars, there was one I wanted to try out, but after my experience with this one I felt like I couldn’t trust myself to handle a £3500 guitar without being like ‘this is the one for me’.

I’ve found myself back at square one essentially. I am even considering buying a red version of my Schecter for cheap off ebay and installing new pickups in it, and just leaving my main guitar as is. I have no idea at this point as to how my guitar journey is going to go in the future, but for now, I’m glad I’ve tried out the Charvel again, but I’m kind of disappointed that I found it difficult to play. I think the stark contrast in the ability to pick the PRS up and play it well instantly put me off the Charvel, which is unfortunate, but I am better informed now, and a better decision can be made in the future.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1842: Feeling Lost

The last few days I’ve been feeling a little lost in the world.

There are a lot of things going on, specifically regarding my apartment sale, and immigration paperwork, but those are relatively outside of my control. There is also not much going on, I have very little to input at work, it’s not demanding, and I spend a lot of time procrastinating. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, and trying to understand my place in the world. While I know where I’m going to end up in a few months, right now I have no idea how I’m progressing along the path of life.

I’d like to point out here that I’m happy, but just feeling directionless. I’m trying to think of things to do that aren’t games and delving fully into just wanting to play them all the time. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at guitars that I want to try out, and tomorrow I’m going on an adventure with my dad to try one out, plus what ever else tickles my fancy.

It’s both microscopic and macroscopic in it’s scope right now too. Moment to moment I don’t know what I’m really doing, and picking up things on a whim, not seeing things through, and doing whatever gets put on my desk as it turns up. Actually, that’s taking work away from my employees too, as we are a little under-burdened at the current moment in time as the balance of work is a little shifted to be weighted to the first person that turns up.

In the long term however, I don’t know where I fit in, what job I’ll be doing, and what skills I should be investing in obtaining, or working on. I certainly could be making better use of my time. I’ve had a lot of ideas, there are a lot of things I either thought I wanted to learn, or started learning, only to discover that I don’t really have a passion in the topic, or lack the understanding needed to progress. It’s not been disheartening, I needed to see what I can and can’t understand. I also don’t know the job landscape of where I’m going. I like being active and getting things done, and so I’d not be immediately keen to jump into a desk job, but I don’t think I should discredit those types of job as an option.

While I’m on that point, one of co-workers was talking about how her partner was out of work, and they were getting to a difficult spot because he couldn’t find a job. That’s all well and good, but it came to light pretty soon after that they weren’t picking up certain jobs because they believed they were above them. I don’t believe that any job is below anyone, any job can teach you things, and can help improve you, even if it is a significant pay cut.

However, I understand that I’m saying this, and I know there are jobs I would not pick up. I do not believe that I’m above those jobs, more so that I have personal preferences that I feel would conflict with my ability to do the work. I am not comfortable handling food, particularly meat and fish, and as such don’t know anything really about them, therefore I believe I would be a bad server at a restaurant. On the flip side, and of what I can only imagine is at a similar pay grade, mainly because it is here in the UK, warehouse work, as I’ve done it before, is something I know I would be able to step into and likely be able to do well immediately.

I’m feeling lost, but I know I’m going to be alright, things aren’t terrible, there’s a lot to go forward to, but right now there’s not much to do and that’s fed into it.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1841: Catch Up

It snowed this morning. Most people I talked to were unaware of that, or only saw it on their cars, but me, well I was driving through it and it was rather heavy. Luckily nothing settled, and all the roads are fine, but it took some of my finest just woken up don’t crash driving to get me to work safely.

I have been thrashing myself a little bit at the gym, and I am feeling good, if a little achey about the whole thing.

It’s been an interesting week with the early shifts, I think it’s all going alright, and I like being able to finish then go to the gym and just smash it there. It’s been a good week.

I’m looking forwards to Kingdom Hearts 3, I spoke about it to Derek on my most recent podcast, and it was a good fun episode. You can check it out here!

Short journal today, not much to say. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1840: Wrestling Wednesday!

I was far too late to realising there was a NXT UK Takeover event on at the weekend, only discovering that it was due to be on on Friday. I’m glad I heard the rumblings about it and decided to tune in. I’ve tried keeping up with it, but there’s not really much drawing me in to it. Or there wasn’t.

What looked on paper like it could be a decent show really stepped up and knocked it out of the part for the first show of its scale. The show followed the same structure as the Takeover shows of NXT, and steered away from the typical mess that is a classic PPV of the main roster. There were 5 matches across 2 hours and 40 minutes, which all managed to tell a convincing story. I highly recommend checking it out. There were a lot of crazy chants, as we’ve come to expect from the UK audience, and that just helped the atmosphere come across while watching.

The opener was a tag team match for the NXT UK tag titles, and it set the bar high for the rest of the show. We had two strong teams battling it out after a few weeks of build up, and the match was fantastic. There were some crazy moves pulled out, Tyler Bate, the big strong boy, even put both opponents on his shoulders and spun them around in a crazy feat of strength. The match was well worked and had a very solid ending to it.

Then there was a singles match, it was supposed to be Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks, but Devlin, and his dastardly heelish ways eliminated Banks before anything really got going. We were then greeted by Sid Scalla and Johnny Saint saying they thought this was going to happen. In my most Marking Out Moment of the show, the music hit as the lights went dark and Finn Balor came out to the eruption of cheers, and I was excited, everyone seemed excited, and it was a great way to shut the Irish Ace down after his first few months. He’s a good wrestler, but Finn Balor showed that he is one of the best in the world. He didn’t have his ‘happy to be here’ smile on, he looked more serious, more sinister, reminiscent of his NJPW run, and given that I’ve seen only a limited amount of him in WWE, looked fantastic. I think the only performance of his I really remember was his utter squashing of Baron Corbin when he came out as the demon, and that match only lasted about 2 minutes. An absolutely solid match from both guys here, and it ended the only sensible way, hopefully they’re doing something a bit longer term with them, but it could likely just be a one off. There’s a video on the WWE youtube channel of Finn Balors reveal and entrance and it’s electrifying. It has about 4 stages, and it’s worth watching. It starts by everything going dark, and people cheer a bit, it sounds like a lot, but it only intensifies when his name then shows up on the screens. It the gets louder again as he walks out, and then the final part to seeing it all come together is the crowd following his entrance. It’s all rather incredible.

The next match was alright, a no disqualification match, with some cool spots. I think it was the weakest match on the show, but Eddie Dennis was painted as really strong, and Bomber Dave Mastiff continued to look as impressive as he has done already. There were tables, and chairs and it delivered on being a decent match, but on a show like this, there had to be a match that wasn’t up to anything else.

For the Womens Championship, Mae Young Classic winner Toni Storm took on NXT UK Womens Champion Rhea Ripley. It was a hard fought match, with spots reminding us of what happened last time, and playing on Toni Storms work after winning the MYC and losing the match after the UK title tournament. It was a well crafted match, but I believe that the winner was wrong. We had Rhea Ripley being a cocky heel, talking the talk, but not being able to beat a 100% Toni Storm kind of weakened my opinion of her. She’s clearly the bigger one of the two, but I didn’t believe it while watching. Toni is a great wrestler, but didn’t need the elevation immediately of the title, I hope the feud continues, but we’ll see what happens.

The WWE UK Title was on the line in the last match of the night, Gallus’ Joe Coffey vs the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, whose title reign has just crossed 600 days. The match really showed that Joe Coffey was able to handle the expectations that were placed on him, and Pete Dunne just proved why he’s held the title for so long. The match was very back and forth, very well contested, and hard to tell who would win. Towards the end of the match they went for the final moves, but ended up having to abandon the move as they fell off the turnbuckle to the outside trying the same thing twice. The ending had to change, and it made sense, it kind of was a move that more people should tap out to, so I am glad that they changed it and kept it sensible.

What happened after though was remarkable. Pete Dunne had his title, was celebrating, then WALTER turned up. He walked out, made his way into the ring, started to stare down, but Joe Coffey climbed up to the edge of the rink, and WALTER booted him straight off, then resumed his stare down. It was intense, and it hopefully will give levity and weight to NXT UK as WALTER is such a great wrestler that we can hope that the feud between them elevates the brand.

All in all, it was a fantastic show, incredibly well worked, and there were some incredible moments that have to be seen.

Have an excellent day! Thanks for reading! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1839: Thinking thoughts

Today was the first day starting at 7 am, and it went well. I woke up and got to work in plenty of time, and leaving early, well, at the end of the day was good, it’s nice to leave work while it’s still light outside.

I started the week with a run, I ran 5km in just under 24 minutes, which was a good start, and I’m hoping to increase the pace and distance in the remainder of the week, but I also want to do a much faster shorter run.

I started learning Sanctuary by Elder this week, but for the first time I’m purely trying to learn by ear. It’s going alright, I managed to pick out the key and the first few notes, which has led me to be able to play most of the opening, and keep up with most of the song. However, I probably shouldn’t have started this adventure by choosing a 12 minute song, but I have to start somewhere.

I found a list of songs that someone has put together as songs to know for a cover band, and I would like to try and figure a few of them out, and I need to start working on knowing songs from beginning to end. I also just in general want to play more guitar, and I really want to start a band when I move over to the states, but I’m still waiting.

This weekend I’m planning to go and try out a Strandberg original, just to see how it plays, as I’ve seen a few players use them, and I like how they sound, and hopefully I’ll like how they feel. Ultimately though I’m just continuing on my journey trying to find a new guitar that I can get in the future that is a step up from the ones I’m using now. It’s all in the name of trying to see if I can make myself feel as though I can leave any of my guitars behind so that I don’t need to ship them, and can sell them.

I spent a bunch of time just jamming tonight, playing over some jam tracks. I know I need to get out of the habits that I’m in as all my lead stuff sounds the same, but I think I’m getting there, I definitely have a style. That’s for sure.

I also recorded a podcast this evening, and I need to get it edited and prepared for Thursday, and I’m not sure if I actually gave myself enough time. I know I did though and that it’s all totally solvable, but I know I want to go to the gym tomorrow.

Anyway, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1838: Music Monday!

I haven’t really payed attention to what I listened to over the last week, so my selections for discussion are purely from today.

After seeing a review for a band I decided to try and find them, unfortunately the album in question wasn’t available on Spotify but another one popped up, from a different artist, so I checked it out. Rather than getting my fill of Death Metal, I stumbled across a Polish Black Metal band called Outre, and their album from last year, Hollow Earth. I really enjoyed it, I guess I needed some black metal to put me on the path for my listening adventure for the day. It really hit the spot and made me want to find what else they’ve put out. It was good, heavy, and got me through a passage of the day where I was rather uninterested in the world.

Then I saw that the new Soilwork album was out, and I have some thoughts on it. I like Soilwork, I’d reckon that they’re one of my favourite bands ever, but their new album is alright. Not earth shattering in it’s delivery, not even great in it’s production, but it’s enjoyable from start to end, and I’ll likely listen to it a lot. It’s fast paced melodic death metal with some very melodic choruses like they’ve come to be known, but the way it’s all mixed loses any of the nuance that there should be in an album that sonically rich. It’s hard to discern what the guitars are doing, the bass is there somewhere, and the drums, while well played, overpower everything. There’s even a track where Alissa White-Gluz sings and it sounds like she’s such an afterthought to the track, it’s disappointing.

There’s been a new Dream Theater song released, so I thought in the spirit of fairness and trying to enjoy their newer music I’d check it out. I don’t like it. Fall into the Light just doesn’t do anything for me. The chorus section sounds alright, everything seems cohesive and works, but it’s too little and too far between instances of this happening in a 7 minute prog-metal song. The verse section is a sonic mess, the keyboards didn’t need to be there and the drums were too wild and didn’t match far too much of the time. In what can only be described as unimportant, the song felt largely ignorable, and felt like there was no soul or essence to the song that could captivate my attention. It’s a shame, it is, I wish I liked it, but I think that time has passed for Dream Theater. I have many thoughts on Dream Theater, I’m kind of putting together a Friday journal on them, but it needs a lot of work.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1837: The Next Few Days

I have an odd week ahead. Actually I have a few ahead, but this first one is going to be interesting. I’m going to be getting back to exercising now that I’m feeling back to normal, and I’m also going to be working an earlier shift, starting at 7am rather than 8.30, except on Mondays. It’s going to be a strange rhythm, but I’m looking forwards to spending some time in the lab at the beginning of each day.

I’m also going to start the week with a work out, and I hope to get a podcast recorded during the week. I don’t know where that’s going to put all my D&D plans for the next few weeks, but I hope my friends and I can rearrange.

I was looking online, and there’s a guitar I want to try out in Birmingham so I will likely go there next weekend and give it a go. I’m excited about that.

There was a great wrestling show on last night, and I know I’m going to write it up on Wednesday, and I can’t wait for that, I likely will get started on it tomorrow. I’m getting better about this whole planning things out. The weekends are a little odd still, but all in all I’m enjoying planning things out. I very much enjoyed writing Fridays journal, and I’m hoping I can find more things I can write about or over 1,000 words on.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1836: Triumphant

Today has been an alright day I would say.

I ordered some headphones and some kettle descaler was delivered. While that might sound all well and good, I mean that I ordered some headphones, and instead of having them delivered, I got the descaler in its place. I need to make a return because I don’t have anything I need to descale, and there’s a massive price difference between the two items.

But, let’s not get caught up in that, let’s talk about the Raid! Which raid? Last Wish in Destiny 2! My clan messaged one another earlier in the day talking about finally getting 6 of us together and having a good time and getting the triumph complete for the raid of completing it and having all 6 people be in the same clan. It was a very fun raid, we were laughing and having a great time the whole way through. It took us only about an hour and a half to actually go the whole way through and teach someone how to do the whole thing. All in all we had a great time.

I also made pasta today, it was delicious, and oh so simple. I made some pasta dough with flour and two eggs, mixed it together, kneaded it for 10 minutes, let it sit, then rolled it out and cut it into tagliatelle. I cooked it up, added a dash of pesto and some cheese, had a bit of garlic bread and all around had a great time. It was quite possibly the best pasta I’ve made yet!

I took some time to take care of me and shaved this morning, something I’ve been neglecting to do while I was ill, as I didn’t want to uncover my poor face while it was already suffering.

I spent a bunch of time clearing out my stash on Path of Exile and that’s been good. I have arranged things far better, and I hopefully can keep things straight going forward.

I started trying to learn a song by ear, and it was going alright, but I probably shouldn’t have picked an 11 minute monstrosity. I got the first bit roughly figured out, but I’m not used to trying this, but it’s something I know I can do, and I want to be able to hear something and be able to get an idea of how to play it. I should have tried this a long time ago to be fair, but today is a better day to start than tomorrow.

It’s been a fun day! Yay! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1835: Why Wrestling?

I want to explore why I got back into watching Professional Wrestling, as I can’t really tell, but I think writing about it and looking at a few different things will help discover why.

I watched wrestling when I was younger, there were stories being told that took weeks to resolve. The earliest story line I remember really going through was the Test and Stephanie McMahon angle, where Triple H kidnapped her and married her in secret which played on the big screen in the arena. That day I learned what a cliff hanger was. It was all soap, drama, serialised, with action and it was awesome. There were people punching one another, throwing each other around, and telling these intricate stories, both in and out of the ring.

Despite calls of it being fake, it didn’t deter me initially, it took me to my second incursion to really get what hooked me, but I was undeterred. I continued to watch until I felt like I’d outgrown it. There were ridiculous plots aplenty, and I’d watch Raw and Smackdown each week, and over here, all the pay-per-views were available on the TV channel that Raw and Smackdown were on. It was a good time to be a wrestling fan. It was around this time as well that the Hardys, Edge and Christian and Team 3D, or the Dudley Boys, were elevating the tag team divisions to heights never before seen. They raised the stakes and they are some of the most memorable wrestlers of all time, if all 6 of them aren’t in the hall of fame it’ll be a tragedy (unless they commit horrendous crimes).

The time faded away, the wrestlers were replaced by newer talent that, and my interest waned. My first era of wrestling ended, kind of whimpering away. I still enjoyed it, but I was far more focused on other things, I discovered music, and found friends, and subsequently drinking, and my culture was around using music as my identity. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I reckon that Pro Wrestling shaped who I was in that phase far more than I realised. I saw that you could put on these clothes and be that person, but it also showed me that looks were everything. We know that isn’t true. Why was Rikishi vilified? Why was I never rooting for him? One of the best wrestlers, he could do so much, but I was never willing him on.

My interest died down, for probably about 7 years, until I was in university, with nothing to do, and so much spare time. I thought, why don’t I check out what all the MMA and UFC stuff is about, and I complemented it by getting back into watching pro-wrestling. I still remember so many outcomes of the UFC events around that time, I was hooked from the first card I watched. I picked maybe the best card of all time, UFC 92, the ultimate 2008. It was stacked from top to bottom, there were massive knockouts throughout the show. The card had 10 matches, and 2 of them went to decision. It was insane. There was never another card like it really. Well, until I stopped watching.

I picked up watching wrestling again, all was good, Smackdown was good, Raw was alright, and I got into the world of Chikara Pro. Chikara Pro taught me things. It opened my eyes to not needing to have the massive production that WWE had, you didn’t need commentators explaining everything to you, the stories carried themselves, and there were very clearly defined good guys and bad guys. Chikara has a family friendly style, and it was a delight to watch. Sure, there were some bad matches, but some of my favourite matches ever were held there. The two King of Trios, 2009 and 2010 might be some of the finest wrestling I’ve ever seen, and there was a 4 way elimination match with Kota Ibushi, Nick Jackson, Jigsaw and El Generico (Sami Zayn) that I hold as one of my favourite matches of all time. There was great work going on, and I was so engaged in catching it, and keeping up that I was invested in every win and loss.

About a year after I’d got back into wrestling NXT was about to be in its first iteration, Daniel Bryan was introduced to the world, I saw him go up against Tim Donst a few months prior through watching Chikara Pro. Then NXT had its first season, there were rookies introduced, Daniel Bryan was put in, and had arguably the worst time of anyone, he was so hot in the indies, and WWE pushed him down, he lost all his matches, his pro was The Miz, and that rivalry I still don’t see as finished. There was no denying his talent though, everyone looked good when working with him.

It was once this season winded down and things felt regular and stale again that I fell off, but it took a few years to get round to that, I reckon that I was back on watching from 2009-2011. During the time watching, many of the current WWE stars that I immediately recognise were present in the indie scene and were particular integral to Chikara. Cesaro will remain one of my favourite wrestlers, he went under the name Claudio Castagnoli, and I frequently mess up and chose the wrong name, Johnny Gargano was there in one of the stables, Brodie Lee was a big dude, he’s now Rowan from the Bludgeon Brothers, there were few others, but I was most scared of Sara Del Rey. She’s currently a trainer at the WWE performance centre, training all the NXT stars to be better wrestlers, but she could hang with all the guys and put on an incredible performance in Chikaras first grand championship tournament. She stood up to Cesaro, and the rest of the BdK, and came joint second in the block. It was a fascinating time.

Throughout that whole time I was also watching TNA wrestling, which was for a while doing incredible things, their 6 sided ring was great, innovative, and they had some of the top guys, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles to name just two, but they had a whole deal where Hulk Hogan came in, a bunch of others joined, and it all went south very quickly. I think they might have recovered now as Impact Wrestling, but I’m yet to invest time over there.

I started watching again last year after being excited about the idea of catching up with Royal Rumble and heading to WrestleMania after rumblings of top Japanese wrestlers getting involved, mainly Shinsuke Nakamura, and that AJ Styles was in the company. I was captivated, there was such high potential, there’s so much talent around, and there was a whole revolution on it’s way. Over the last year, not only did we have Evolution, and the rise of the Womens division, but the expansion into the UK with NXT UK. It was a good time to be a wrestling fan.

I’d heard of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and I was intrigued, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and after seeing a video done by Super Eyepatch Wolf about Why Pro Wrestling is Fascinating I gave it some serious consideration. I started watching a few of the more recent events and found myself hyped up and ready for Dominion.

The show that changed it all for me. After a disappointing few months from WWE pay per views, but finding NXT riveting, I sat and watched Dominion live on my laptop, and it was revelatory. I knew it was possible to not waste time, but still tell stories, things that weren’t watered down, punches not pulled, and wrestlers giving it their all. Omega vs Okada 4 gave me everything I was looking for, over an hour in one match, best 2 out of 3 falls, and it was incredible. There weren’t even many pinfall attempts, it was a slog, it was tough to watch at points, but it was two people at the top of their game putting on the best match.

I bought a ticket to go to a show in a city about 20 miles away, and got to see the Rainmaker, Okada, post title match, where he had lost his way, a story line that was seemingly resolved at Wrestle Kingdom last week, but everything appears to have unravelled. What will happen next? We don’t know, but I’m curious, and I’m hooked. I went to see the NXT UK tapings later in the year, saw a great bunch of wrestling, a title was introduced and the whole show was interesting. There was no context for a lot of the matches, there was a little continuity to tell larger story arcs, but it certainly felt different to the NJPW show I went to a few months prior.

Wrestling is entertaining, it’s fascinating when done right, and it is what takes up my viewing time when I want to watch a structured show. It’s all the drama I can really handle in my life, I didn’t even mention about how Asuka was treated and how invested I am in Ember Moons development and hope that she’ll get a big push soon. There’s so much to be hopeful of, and right now, between WWE, NJPW, and the newly announce AEW, I’m very excited. I guess when it comes down to it, I like wrestling because it’s stories and action. Perfect.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1834: Redesigning

I spent some time today simplifying and redesigning my website. I removed the back image and changed up the colours used. It’s a lot more muted and simplified, it feels far less cluttered. I’m looking to do some categorisation on all my posts going forwards, and using the tags where appropriate.

It’s been 2 and a half years, about 850 days since I started posting on my website and had set all this up. I should have got round to this before, but now I’m looking at it with intent, and want to try and improve it. There are some things I’d like to implement so that navigating is easier, and things can be found easily, so that categorised things are together and easy to find, but I’m working on all of that, it also means that I need to go back and categorise hundreds of entries, which is no small task. I don’t know at this point whether to do that, or just stick to doing it going forward.

Clearly I’d like to invest the time and categorise everything, but I know it’ll take a while. I also need to determine all the categories too, so that I can cover all the things I discuss, and try to tag appropriately. I might set myself a goal, and I know I don’t want to be investing lots of time in to this that’ll make me feel compelled to do this while at work, which I know right now is a major issue I’m trying to think about, and I’m desperately trying to keep myself busy enough that I get work done. I am waiting for my co-worker to return as we have a stack of things to do, but I can’t get it done and expect that it’ll be done next year without training someone else to do it. I know I’m leaving, so I need to show others how to do the job. I know I need to make a template for an annual production report, based on the work I’ve done recently, and that’ll take me no time at all to do, I just need to remember to do it.

I put out a little podcast today, only about 6 minutes long, talking about my 6 goals for the year, and I just went through each of them, much like I did in the journal about the goals. I’m happy with how it came out, check it out here if you’re interested. I’ve been trying to plan the next few weeks out so I can get some good podcasts recorded and start the year off strong,

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1833: Wrestling Wednesday!

I got all 3 of my predictions correct. Maybe I should have given more credit to the rumblings of AEW.

The Wrestle Kingdom show on Friday was superb. There was fantastic wrestling throughout and it did so much. However, the event was 5 hours long, and even then some matches went only for 6 minutes and felt a little rushed. While it ran for a long time the show never felt like a drag, however as a wrestling show, it was great for a veteran observer, but did little to reward new fans or people just tuning in.

I will disagree that Tanahashi vs Omega was the best match and was fitting. There was great story telling in the match, but I never felt like Tanahashi put on much offence, and was lagging behind, never seemed ahead, and all around didn’t give as much as he could. I enjoyed that they continued to protect the one winged angel, and that the variety of the moves used highlighted that finishers should be just that. Through imitating Tanahashi, Omega used his finisher, but having received the move, Tanahashi kicked out immediately, it was a great touch and detail in a well thought out enjoyable match. The match was great, don’t get me wrong, it deserves to be remembered, but to me it doesn’t stand up to some of the other matches on the card.

The Ospreay vs Ibushi match was my favourite match on the show, and it opened the show proper, and provided a great back and forth match, where it eventually became clear that Ospreay had answers for everything Ibushi had, and a few surprises. There were quite a few stiff sections of the match, and the story line heading out of the match was an interesting choice. I think if I were to recommend a match to watch it would be this one. I believe it does a better job portraying two people as equals with one winning out due to more heart and resolve than any other match on the card, and they are two of the best wrestlers around.

AEW was announced over the last week and it’s been an interesting time, but it’s still ongoing and it’s all very exciting. There’s still so much more to be announced, and I hope that something incredible comes out of it, something that can compete with WWE, and in my mind, NXT specifically. I know that there are differences in the main WWE and NXT, and I think that creating a promotion that can be as big as WWE but have NXT style engagement and storylines, but with top tier talent (not that NXT isn’t full of incredible talent) could push the wrestling industry forward, and become truly one of the greatest spectacles. The industry only seems to be growing at the moment, and there’s certainly a space in the market for a big promotion that appeals to the older fans.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1832: Assessing 2019 so far...

It’s been a strange week.

I began the new year well, and ran 10km in a respectable 57 minutes. Given that I hadn’t ran for a month and had hurt my ankle on my previous attempt at even just walking that distance I was happy for a simple baseline to work from. I’m looking forward to both improving it and being consistent in training.

Then I fell ill. It’s been a pretty dire few days, I’m hoping that it passes soon, it’s only a measly cold, but it’s still taking time away from feeling my best and obstructing my goals for the year. Luckily there is plenty of time to continue with all of them as we are so fresh to this year.

I signed up to Game of Bands like I did a few years ago, but I didn’t get placed, so going I’ll be looking for the next round to really start up my interactions again, and get recording some music with purpose and direction. I like the idea of it, and I’ve made some great music in the past, but I can’t rest of past successes, as I have to progress my art.

I’m enjoying writing, giving it the time it deserves at the moment, and really just using my notebook to its fullest, with thoughts being added as and when I have them if I know I can turn them into something, or into more words.

I’m making progress towards my goals, I hope that the strong start can continue throughout the year, I know I’m going to have a ‘mellow’ period, but I’m hoping that I can maintain momentum through it and that my goals give me purpose and reason.

How have all your 2019s started?

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1831: Music Monday

I took a punt on someones recommendations today, and having looked at their top albums list (from reddit) I was sceptical, especially as it was a combination of a bunch of different styles of music. Found within their list was Earthless, something I recognised, and something heavy by a band called Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, which I immediately checked out, gave me confidence that there was a decent sampling found within the list.

Top of the list was a pop funk rock soul album by Ripe, called Joy in the Wild Unknown. It’s fun, it’s fascinating, it’s certainly a departure for my regular listening, but I highly recommend anyone check it out (as well as just exploring other music genres, who knows, you might also like Earthless).

There’s so much joyous melody throughout the album, a lot of bouncy sax and other wind instruments. It’s all a raucous good time of cacophonous sounds. I went into it being open minded, hoping there would be at least something to enjoy, but instead I found it was all enjoyable.

The album is punctuated well, with lively songs flowing into more mellow songs, and striking a solid contrast between all the songs, making them all feel distinct, and with their own unique qualities.

Would I declare the album best of the year? Maybe, but it’s so out of my wheel house that one example doesn’t give a whole picture of the landscape. It’s certainly a great album, definitely a stand out for the year, in a year littered with albums that I mostly ignored. I reckon most people will enjoy the album, there’s nothing arguable about it, nothing that conflicts with typical musical senses, so it’s a very pleasant album.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1830: Sleepy Sunday

My intentions to exercise were scuppered upon waking up today, as I have a cold. I don’t really want to spread it, so I’ll head into work tomorrow no matter how I feel, but once I know how I am will exile myself if I feel like I’m not getting anything done, or will likely infect others.

I did manage to play a bunch of guitar today, and that was fun, I tried messing around with my amp settings, but couldn’t make any improvements. There’s a lot of bottom end in the amp on the overdrive channel that is rather difficult to tame, so I went back to using pedals on the clean channel and was much happier with how it all sounded. I so infrequently use the other channel on the amp I couldn’t remember how it played, but I’m glad I have a comparison, and was surprised at what I learned.

Aside from that, Rachyrock and I defeated the Elder, one of the two end game bosses in Path of Exile today without dying, which, given our last attempt took about 15 deaths between us, was a mighty good improvement. It was at the same difficulty and we haven’t really upgraded any equipment. I totally went in expecting to die once or twice, but we’ve learned enough to know what to do when. It was a good time.

This week ahead is going to be difficult, no two ways about it, a full week of doing stuff, or time off because I’m ill. Either way it’s going to be draining.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1829: Catch up Saturday

It’s funny how a few days at work, while not being able to absorb content all the time makes you realise how much there is to want to catch up on. I’ve started making watch later playlists to try and catch up with things when I have time, and so I don’t miss something that’s popped up that I wouldn’t regularly see.

Anyway, I spent some time today watching a bunch of stuff surrounding the big Wrestle Kingdom show that was on yesterday, which was fantastic, but I’ll get to that on Wednesday.

There’s not much else that’s gone on, I know tomorrow I need to hit the gym, and get moving, but today I did some cleaning and organising, as well as putting away the decorations that were taken down earlier in the week.

So, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1828: Gaming habits and trying to change

I like games that require an investment of time to progress. Everyone knows this, that’s my style of game to enjoy, and it’s part of who I am, but I am incredibly glad that I never got into World of Warcraft. I know I could have lost many a year to that game. I definitely lost over a year of in game time to Runescape, before it evolved to RS3 and through the Evolution of Combat update, which is ultimately what lead me to leave the game. I want to break this habit, but I’m not sure if I want to, or that I need to.

The games I play offer rewards for signing in daily, and help with progress in whatever I’m working towards. It completely works for me, I understand that it’s rewarding, a great game play loop keeps you playing, but I was prioritising playing over undertaking other tasks that I needed to do.

Clearly my priorities need adjusting, things that need doing should come first, then things I want to do. I aim to do this by cutting down the amount I game, but it’s easy to say and not do. I plan to get my journal written and have eaten before picking up a game. Ideally I’ll also write some music, or at least play guitar, and maybe read a book.

With all that being said, I’m hoping I can stick to it, but I know that I just need to follow the routine, shift it up a little, and all will be good. I need to not treat it as a reward though, because that is how I treat far too many things, and so my motivation gets a bit wonky.

Thanks for reading! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1827: The plans!

As stated in my first journal of the year, I wanted to think about what I can write about, what I can be consistent about and what might need to change or stay.

I’m happy with writing about music on Mondays and wrestling on Wednesdays, those are somewhat easy topics for me, and I’m passionate about both, so they’re staying. I also feel like I could do more with them, I feel like I can spend more time working on one a month and focus on my favourite bands, what my favourite albums are like for music, as well as what’s been going on, and my opinions on big wrestling shows that are going on. I’m excited for both things in the year going forward, so I’m hoping they provide some excellent entertainment going forward.

I want to also try and use one day a week for really putting some work into something, plan it out, and provide an opinion I have, as well as try to learn how to better structure my writing so that I can confidently convey a point. I’m probably going to shy away from certain topics, and write about things that are all very agreeable, but I reckon that I could learn some stuff. I’m hoping to post those on Fridays.

Tuesdays I hope to use as a catch up, to see where I’m at with my fitness, as well as goals progress, but I’m hoping to keep them light and different from month end round ups.

I am planing to then go freestyle on Thursdays, write about what is going on, as well as writing about my podcast, and sharing any thoughts that I might have left over from the discussions that were held, in case something we moved away from too soon. I’m hopeful that I can provide more context for certain discussions when they seemed to only be fleeting topics but maybe more information was needed.

And then over the weekends I’m just planning to use those to note down what has been going on and how life is treating me. I’m hopeful that this new schedule will allow me to progress as a person who uses words and helps me learn more, as well as providing me some structure so that I can feel like I’m actively working on something every day.

All that being said, it’s certainly Thursday, so I’ve put out a new podcast, with Emma, and we talked about video games, and the GGG secret santa as well as our holiday times, and it was a delight. You can check it out here!

Thanks for reading! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-