Day 1866: Music Monday

I’ve been writing a bunch of music recently. It’s the most productive I’ve been in a long time with music. Game of Bands is a prime reason for this, as it forces me to get music written and completed in roughly a week, so that there is time for lyrics to be written and vocals to be recorded.

I’ve found that while recording, different people I work with have different preferences about the music that they’ll put their lyrics and voices to, which limits the scope of the music I’ve written. The song that’ll be out next week had a few restrictions, there wasn’t allowed to be repeating sections, in terms of your typical song, there won’t be a chorus, or verses with the same structure, so it lead me to develop a coherent song that doesn’t rely on using the same sequences throughout. I enjoyed the challenge and came up with a lot of music, but decided to remove certain sections for other songs as they wouldn’t suit the singer that I’ve got for the round.

I already had an idea before I went into this round about what I was going to record, but I ended up abandoning that idea for game of bands and work on it as a personal project, and I’m looking forward to working on that more, but for now my focus is elsewhere. While recording for this round, the sections I’ve removed I kind of put as a homage to one of my favourite songs, but I can use it as a basis for another song entirely.

I’m reinvigorated to record music right now, and get things made and just have a good time. I played so much yesterday that my fingers were hurt enough by lunch time that I couldn’t really play for the remainder of the day, after spending 45 minutes trying to record a solo. I say trying because I was trying to double track it, but I was also just trying to form it into a structure that I liked. I managed to get it into the correct sequence I wanted, but wasn’t able to get it double tracked, which I might try later in the week, but for now I’m happy with how it is. I added a few flourishes that I just couldn’t pick out to replicate so I didn’t want to double up certain parts and not others.

I’ve really started to understand that simplicity is better for vocals to go over, there’s no point putting something complex and extravagant in where it’s going to get lost in the mix, but there is value in multiple layers that contribute to the sound. I think in the last track I had more tracks than I’ve worked with, but each was contributing to the overall sound, but really had a minimal part to play, but the whole was greater than each of the parts by so much that I started understanding how to construct music.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1852: Music Monday

No one was expecting it, but Weezers Teal Album came out on Thursday, and it is pretty alright.

An album full of 80s covers and a few other covers, I mainly say that because I know that Paranoid came out in the 60s. It’s fun, some of the covers are muted and toned down in the typical Weezer style, while some of them are amped up versions of the originals. It’s a unique interesting take on all the songs and it’s good.

I listened to the whole thing on Thursday and then listened to it again while I was cooking dinner with my mum. I think as a whole I like a lot of versions of the songs, it’s a shame that 3 of the songs were recently covered by Ninja Sex Party, as I have listened to their versions a lot. I don’t know where I stand on a few songs, such as Billie Jean, I like the original, but I don’t think this cover is particularly great, but it’s still enjoyable.

I don’t have much else to say today. I think I’ve not really enjoyed much else that has stood out to me recently that I haven’t already written about. Reason Define have a new track, but I can’t remember who told me about them, I think it was Ellie, and I want to listen to more of their stuff before I’d recommend it, but I like it.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1845: Music Monday!

I have been listening to a band called Witchcraft, who are a decent blues rock metalish band who put out an album in 2012 called Legend.

There is a track on that album where the solo goes in some wild ways and really reminded me of Eric Johnson in it’s tone, note choice and general composition. The track is called Flag of Fate and it’s worth checking out, they aren’t a particularly heavy band, but the whole album in general is good and I’d recommend to people who like that style of music.

I have signed up to Game of Bands once again, and this round is all about Video Games, and I’m trying to come up with some fun music for that. I really want to try and come up with some decent synth stuff so that it all sounds good, and kind of emulates the games from the 80s. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out and what I can come up with, and what is created by the other bands.

I remembered the other day, as it popped up on my feed, that the band Gorguts exists, and I was elated to have that revelation. I subsequently listened to their album Colored Sands and got lost in the utter heaviness of which it contains. It’s incredibly well put together heavy metal, and it really captivated me. I wish I could write music like that, but that made me think, is there anything actually stopping from making music similar? I do think that it’s possible, but I don’t think I have the tendencies to write and think in that way. It’s certainly interesting, and makes me think that I really should explore other genres to learn and work on so that I can really understand how to create music of all styles. I have heard before though that there are some styles that certain people just get, and this genre to me certainly seems to be one of them.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1838: Music Monday!

I haven’t really payed attention to what I listened to over the last week, so my selections for discussion are purely from today.

After seeing a review for a band I decided to try and find them, unfortunately the album in question wasn’t available on Spotify but another one popped up, from a different artist, so I checked it out. Rather than getting my fill of Death Metal, I stumbled across a Polish Black Metal band called Outre, and their album from last year, Hollow Earth. I really enjoyed it, I guess I needed some black metal to put me on the path for my listening adventure for the day. It really hit the spot and made me want to find what else they’ve put out. It was good, heavy, and got me through a passage of the day where I was rather uninterested in the world.

Then I saw that the new Soilwork album was out, and I have some thoughts on it. I like Soilwork, I’d reckon that they’re one of my favourite bands ever, but their new album is alright. Not earth shattering in it’s delivery, not even great in it’s production, but it’s enjoyable from start to end, and I’ll likely listen to it a lot. It’s fast paced melodic death metal with some very melodic choruses like they’ve come to be known, but the way it’s all mixed loses any of the nuance that there should be in an album that sonically rich. It’s hard to discern what the guitars are doing, the bass is there somewhere, and the drums, while well played, overpower everything. There’s even a track where Alissa White-Gluz sings and it sounds like she’s such an afterthought to the track, it’s disappointing.

There’s been a new Dream Theater song released, so I thought in the spirit of fairness and trying to enjoy their newer music I’d check it out. I don’t like it. Fall into the Light just doesn’t do anything for me. The chorus section sounds alright, everything seems cohesive and works, but it’s too little and too far between instances of this happening in a 7 minute prog-metal song. The verse section is a sonic mess, the keyboards didn’t need to be there and the drums were too wild and didn’t match far too much of the time. In what can only be described as unimportant, the song felt largely ignorable, and felt like there was no soul or essence to the song that could captivate my attention. It’s a shame, it is, I wish I liked it, but I think that time has passed for Dream Theater. I have many thoughts on Dream Theater, I’m kind of putting together a Friday journal on them, but it needs a lot of work.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1831: Music Monday

I took a punt on someones recommendations today, and having looked at their top albums list (from reddit) I was sceptical, especially as it was a combination of a bunch of different styles of music. Found within their list was Earthless, something I recognised, and something heavy by a band called Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, which I immediately checked out, gave me confidence that there was a decent sampling found within the list.

Top of the list was a pop funk rock soul album by Ripe, called Joy in the Wild Unknown. It’s fun, it’s fascinating, it’s certainly a departure for my regular listening, but I highly recommend anyone check it out (as well as just exploring other music genres, who knows, you might also like Earthless).

There’s so much joyous melody throughout the album, a lot of bouncy sax and other wind instruments. It’s all a raucous good time of cacophonous sounds. I went into it being open minded, hoping there would be at least something to enjoy, but instead I found it was all enjoyable.

The album is punctuated well, with lively songs flowing into more mellow songs, and striking a solid contrast between all the songs, making them all feel distinct, and with their own unique qualities.

Would I declare the album best of the year? Maybe, but it’s so out of my wheel house that one example doesn’t give a whole picture of the landscape. It’s certainly a great album, definitely a stand out for the year, in a year littered with albums that I mostly ignored. I reckon most people will enjoy the album, there’s nothing arguable about it, nothing that conflicts with typical musical senses, so it’s a very pleasant album.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-