Day 2025: A good Saturday...

I started the day with a really good bike ride, 26km in less than an hour, probably my second best time yet, and then I had some tasty breakfast. It’s been an odd day though, Rachael and I caught up on Achievement Hunters Minecraft series, and I played a little bit of Diablo 3.

Yesterday I had my first Blizzard, and it was a whole experience in and of itself. I had one with a peanut butter core to it and brownie bits and reeses cups and the whole thing was mad and delicious and then once I was done I wanted to sleep because of all the cool ice cream, but was awake because of all the sugar. It certainly was a worthwhile adventure, and now I know that it exists and isn’t an atrocious idea. Obviously it won’t become a regular staple of my diet, that would be a bad idea.

We got some stuff to make yogurt, so will be doing that later in the week, and now my breakfast has evolved further, to be hopefully more home made than ever. At least right now I have time to figure all of this out, though I have a feeling that I’ll always be finding time to do these kinds of things.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2024: It turned into a music post...

I watched That Pedal Show today, and the guys were at ATB guitars, playing the most expensive guitars and it was just a mad show. On of the guitars they played was just shy of £100,000 because of it’s rarity and uniqueness. It was crazy to see such guitars and see how they played them. There were no re-issues, all vintage classic instruments and it was great to see them enjoying playing some of the guitars.

It was a crazy show to watch, and the video was an hour and 50 minutes long, and the whole time I was just hoping that they didn’t ding the guitars in any way, because they all looked and sounded spectacular. It made me think about the guitars I’ve got and how I don’t think I’d want to own a guitar that is vintage akin to that, mainly because it wouldn’t particularly suit my style, but also, I’d never want to take it out to play ever.

They also played through some very high end classic amps and the sounds they got were crazy. I ended up quite inspired by what they’d played and tried to replicate it a bit, and found myself with something fun a bluesy to play, and was having a good time going through the amp and a selection of pedals, and was getting a glorious sound.

I also spent some time in the morning working on the song for this game of bands round and re-worked it significantly, I want to stick with the original version I had in my head two so might put out two versions of the song eventually. The people I’m working with kind of want it to be a bit softer and easier to comprehend, while I wanted to make it a rather post-rock-esque sound, and I think I can do that, but it might be more inaccessible. I’m okay with that, but if we’re competing against other songs, then I think we should make the more appealing song. I’m likely going to take a break from Game of Bands for a while after either this round or the next, if the next is Elements - Water I’ll take part, but otherwise I have a lot of things I’d like to work on, some genres I want to try and explore.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2023: Victorious

Today we went to trivia. It went pretty well. We did well in all rounds, lost the tie-breaker for the beer tokens in the first round, won them in the second round off the tiebreaker, and got the highest score in the last round. We went into the final question up by a few points and there was a choice. We either had to get one right to double our score, or guess both bonus questions to triple our score. Getting one wrong would have put us back to no points. We knew the answer to one, and hoped that another high scoring team wouldn’t go for the two.

It turns out, we were the only team to try and answer only one, which makes sense, we were in the lead and didn’t want to throw it away. Of the remainder of the teams only one team answered both questions correctly, which lead to their score of 57, after being tripled, leaving them in second place, behind our post doubling score of 66, meaning we still won. We did really well this week. It was fun. Last week we were pipped at the post, but this was our week.

This weeks podcast I recorded with Shoban after having just got back from Fight for the Fallen, and we talked all about wrestling, and food, and his recent trip to the UK and some differences in the countries we have been around. You can check it out here!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2022: Wrestling Wednesday!

Well, there certainly has been a lot of wrestling over the last week that I’m not going to touch on, and I’m going to focus on one show. Because I went to it.

I went to AEWs Fight For the Fallen at the weekend, and had an absolute blast. I don’t think there was a match that I would consider bad on the show.

I think that overall the show went a little too long, considering it was outside, and warm, on a Florida summers day, and the crowd was fatigued noticeably after the SCU vs Lucha Bros match.

But, the whole show was excellent. I enjoyed the opening matches, Sonny Kiss was excellent, and Bea and Shoko really took it to Britt Baker and Riho, in a fast paced great match.

The 6 man tag match was good, it was my first introduction to I think everyone in the match, and was impressed at how over Darby Allin was, but he barely got any action time. The match was good, but it was clear that Shawn Spears didn’t really fit in on his team, and the crowd certainly didn’t do him any favours, one way or the other, it just seemed like no-one knew his real role in the match.

Brandi, with the assistance of Awesome Kong took on Allie in a match that served a story and eventually drew out Aja Kong, which from people near me didn’t mean that much.

The Three-Way tag match might have been one of the best matches of the night, and Luchasaurus and Jungle boy showed why they are so popular, and Dark Order reminded me of a team from when I used to watch Chikara, probably because it’s the same team from when I watched Chikara. A fun, active, energetic match that just really showcased that everyone there was great.

Adam Page vs Kip Sabian was next, and it was a good match, maybe it didn’t need to be as long as it was, but it was good. And we got to see a bit of Jericho at the end being heel Jericho and that was awesome.

Lucha Bros vs SCU probably was the actually best match of the night, and it was the first time I think I’ve seen Pentagon, the man who can do it all. It seemed early in the match that he wasn’t really getting the reception he wanted, but eventually, especially when they were cutting their promo at the end, he was getting the best response of the night. It was a very good, fun match, and just showed that Fenix and Pentagon might be the best tag team in the world right now.

I got to see Kenny Omega in action, and it was wonderful. CIMA too, but I was there on Kenny’s side, and it was a great match. It was a bit predictable, but there were some crazy spots in the match, but ended how everyone expected, though it was only Omega’s first win in AEW.

The closing match of the night was Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs The Young Bucks, and it was a good, old school wrestling match, with hot tags, playing a bit dirty here and there, and some classic moves. It was cool to see Dustin wrestle in the flesh, who knows how much longer he’ll be around being active.

It was a fantastic show overall, and I can’t wait to see more.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2021: New Song!

I have a new song out! I finished it up this morning with the people I was partnered with this round for game of bands. It’s called Can you feel the heat? and I like how it came out. It might be the best song I’ve submitted yet. You can find it here:

Today I spent a lot of time thinking about and writing music, and just jamming on guitar trying to find something that would go together. Tomorrow I have to get something recorded, and I have some idea of how it’ll go together, but it might be a very ambitious idea.

I also spent some time catching up with all the wrestling, there was so much that went on, but more about that tomorrow.

I made some passion fruit jam as well, and started having granola with yogurt and strawberries and red grapes and tomorrow I will add a little passion fruit to the yogurt and mix it all up. In an attempt to be healthier and cut down the amount i’m eating as well as ensuring I’m getting my 5 a day.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2020: Music Monday!

Today I needed to do some research for the next round of game of bands so that I could get some direction towards what the round is focused on.

I was hoping that today there was going to be a new song to share, but it is not yet finished, hopefully soon.

Anyway, the track that I found to give me guidance for this new round was a track by Spurv called et blekt lys lyder. It’s a post rock track and I really enjoy how it sounds. I then realised that I wanted to write something like this, and I know I have for a while, but I hope that this round for the next two weeks, the song takes that shape.

I picked up the guitar earlier and came up with something that I hope to drench in reverb and find a complementary few notes that I can tremolo pick over the top to add atmosphere, then find some chords that fit, and just build it up more and more.

I’m looking forward to figuring things out and seeing what comes of this track, and I hope that the other track gets completed, I’m just waiting on the vocals coming through.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2019: Back at the house

I was away 2 days, and have somehow got behind on all the wrestling. There was the one event I went to, then 4 other events to now catch up on, so I have stuff to do for the week ahead.

While down in Jacksonville, we went to the Zoo and had a great time. We also went to a few places to eat. It was an interesting foody adventure, and we somehow ended up at two restaurants owned by the same person, which was a shocking turn of events.

The drive back today was uneventful, and fine. Back in the house now, and it’s just quiet which is nice. I am looking forward to the week ahead and what stuff can be done. There is lots to do, I should write me a list of things to do, and work on some stuff, get things done.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2018: a wild day

We went to the zoo today, and went swimming, not at the zoo, and I saw Fight for the Fallen. It's been a busy day.

At the zoo, we saw giraffes and tigers and bears and butterflys, and otters, and lions and penguins. I got to stroke a penguin. It was awesome. He was called Sharkey.

Swimming was fun, just the activity I needed to ease up some of my lower back pain.

Then we went to dinner at a place that was associated with the place we ate at yesterday, our other choice also was associated, but we only learnt of the association once we were nearly done eating.

Then I went to my first wrestling show in the US and it was great, I'll write about it on Wednesday!

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2017: Adventure Time

Today I am wearing my Adventure Time 'What time is it?’ t-shirt as Rachael and I have travelled down to Jacksonville, and tomorrow we will be going to the zoo and then I will be going to AEWs Fight For The Fallen. I'm looking forward to seeing my first wrestling show in America, and we'll also see some giraffes.

The trip all came together relatively quickly, as Rachael asked if I was interested in going to the event on Wednesday, and we made a little plan and booked from there. It'll be good to just get away from the house and out into the world for a while.

Due to the adventure, today and tomorrow's journal posts will be a bit shorter. Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2016: Second Place

We went to trivia today, and came in second place, all in all a good result. It helped that every team, of the 20 others, apart from the one that beat us got the last question wrong and lost all their points, otherwise we’d have been in third.

I recorded a little podcast yesterday, just talking about the exciting things that are going on. More exciting things have occurred as well, which I’ll share tomorrow. The Exciting Catch Up can be found here!

I’ve had a real hankering to play Call of Duty recently, and I got a copy from Humble Bundle of Black Ops 4 recently, so might give it a go. I know I’m going to be terrible, as I have it on PC and haven’t adjusted to mouse and keyboard yet. I want to play it and installed it the other day, so there’s no harm in trying.

I spent a bit of the day catching up with Achievement Hunters minecraft let’s plays, and they’ve been a lot of fun, Ryan dying out of the blue in the YDYD series had me laughing so hard. That series has been really interesting and amusing, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Likely spoiler is that they all die, based on the nature of the series. Still, very entertaining.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2015: Wrestling Wednesday!

At the weekend the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax started! Woo! I’m only going to focus on the G1 matches themselves, rather than the other matches on the card, and I probably won’t touch on every match either.

The match that started the tournament was Lance Archer vs Will Ospreay, a match that I had a little interest in, it’s Will Ospreay… I didn’t know who Lance Archer is, and I don’t get his persona, so the match felt a little odd, but it was good, enjoyable, and interesting. I was surprised that Lance Archer won, but I think it’s a story telling thing, as Ospreay has only just won a tournament in a lower weight category, and Lance Archer was much larger than him. I’m interested to see where the rest of the tournament goes.

KENTA vs Kota Ibushi was great, a fascinating match, and was a really enjoyable watch. A nice change of pace from the disregard of Ibushi and Naito towards one another. I think it was important to see KENTA win this one, and I look forward to seeing how both of their tournaments play out, as they are both high picks for me for winning the block.

Sanada vs Zack Sabre Jr. was a good match, I liked what they did, mixing up the technical and fast paced action. Of all the matches, this is the one I would probably show people from this event to showcase what was going on on the show.

Tanahashi vs Okada closed the show, and rightfully so. In their previous G1 meetings, they’ve gone to a time limit draw every match, but that changed this time. It’s showing that the Ace, Tanahashi might no longer be in that position, as he lost his title at his first defence earlier in the year, and he’s had to use one of his moves sparingly, as it’s getting more and more dangerous for him to use it. It’s also showing that the Rainmaker of old, the unbeatable Okada, might have returned and be in incredible form for this tournament. It was fascinating that this was the first main event of the tournament, and I think the tournament for both men will be very interesting.

The opening show was a fascinating look into how the rest of the tournament in A block might play out, and what kind of stories are going on. I really enjoy this tournament, and I hope that it puts on some more excellent matches.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2014: It is Tuesday after all...

Last night we decided to cook some daal, as well as making some naan bread and rice. It came out really well. While the bread doesn’t look particularly similar in my picture, it tasted mostly right, and all worked together really well.


I’ve slowly been learning more and more about food, and it’s exciting to be able to make things, and have them taste good, and identify where improvements can be made. That’s fun. That feels like tangible things I’ve learned, and I really enjoy learning things, and seeing how they apply.

I saw some things today that I’m going to try and investigate a little further, as there are so many things I’d like to do with my future. I have so many ideas, but no set direction, so I don’t know what will be worth working on.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2013: Music Monday!

I reached out to someone somewhat local about a band, and have been in communication. I’m excited that there will be people to play music with. Hopefully it goes somewhere.

I’ve been writing a bunch of music recently, I’m finding myself inspired, and I really like how my amp is sounding.

I hunted down my guitar center order and found out that there was an issue with getting the blues king, so I decided to cancel it and change to another amp. I’ll write about that one when I get it.

I haven’t listened to anything really new, but I know there’s plenty to listen to. I’m still really enjoying the new Baroness album, and there’s not really been much else I’ve been listening to.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2012: Best Time Ever

Today I went cycling, and was trying my best to have a consistently fast ride. I kept chanting to myself while cycling that I was going for my best time ever, and it kept me motivated throughout. I knew the slowest parts were going to be crossing a certain road at the lights.

I pushed hard and ended up doing my best 25km time I think I’ve ever cycled. I did 26km overall, but finished in about 58 minutes, and I felt really good afterwards. I’m hoping that I can get it a little faster still, but it’s good for now.

In 2012 I stated the job I’m in now, and I think really started getting involved in the RT community, and meeting up with people, and that’s when things really changed I think.

Yesterday the G1 started. I’m excited. There’s so much good wrestling coming up with it, and I’ve been waiting for it for a while. It’ll be a great tournament, and there’s 19 events in less than a month and a half.

Anyway, not much to say today, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2011: The Long Weekend Keeps Going

In 2011 I graduated with my Masters in Chemistry and it was a great year. I also went through 3 jobs which were sequentially better than the last, and eventually interviewed for the job that I began at the beginning of the following year.

Today has been odd. I woke up late, emailed back and forth with someone about a project, and then got to work learning a song. I also played a bunch of games with Rachael and we did some shopping.

We decided to make a mac and cheese and mix it up a little. We added mushrooms with sage, fried in butter, then goats cheese with those as a secret middle to the bake, and blitzed some beetroot that went through the cheese sauce, turning the whole thing pink.

It was a success, delicious, and likely, tomorrows lunch.

We ended up deciding to go down to Society Garden which is just a little bit down the road, and saw a guy called Sean Solo play some music for a couple of hours. It was a great time, good music and just chilled out.

Have a great day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2010: Friday... Feels like Sunday...

Well in 2010, I spent nearly 6 months as a student in Singapore and had a wonderful time, and learned a bunch of stuff and met a bunch of awesome people.

Well, I started the day with a bike ride, and it went well. The roads were quiet, which is exactly what I expected, either people had the day off, could have been out of town, or just not awake, therefore not travelling, or were working and either started late, or early. Needless to say, I had about 5 cars pass me in an hour, which was pretty great.

Rachael and I spent some time catching up with some videos we missed, and were delighted by the offerings across the internetland.

The day has just been spent chilling out really, I wrote a bit of music, and sent it to the bandits for this round, and am awaiting any specific feedback and suggestions, as well as lyrics. Should be a decent track this go around.

I spoke a little about with Spencer on my podcast this week, which you can check out here! We did a lot of talking about music and cycling.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2009: An American Day

Today, I celebrated my first 4th of July as part of an American Family.

There were burgers and ribs and pork, and I had none of it. Well, I did make some nice veggie burgers, but what I really wanted, and what I knew I wanted for the last week or so was a sweet potato, done on the grill, for handily over an hour.

And it was delightful, soft all the way through, syrup-like on the outside, and mixed with my veggie BBQ sauce, and the burgers I made, that had Feta in them, it was an absolute delight.

Rachael made some amazing Cherry crumble for desert, and with the ice cream we made last week, we were sufficiently well fed.

Unlike two years ago, we didn’t watch the thing with John Stamos that was on, and I’m glad, it was all a bit too much for me then, and today felt like just the right amount of celebrating America for me to handle. All I really got out of it was that it’s a day for making food, and having a laugh with family. Just like thanksgiving. But there’s different reasons for each. Woo! America!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2008: Wrestling Wednesday!

Oh. My. God.

What happened in NXT? I am certainly hooked by the Womens division title stuff that was going on, and we’ve had two innovative Steel Cage match finishes in a row in WWE in general? Wild.

The match and storyline between Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler has been good, it’s been enjoyable, and I think it came to an end the other day, but who knows. As the match was drawing to it’s conclusion, Candace LeRay joined in, as did the Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, and it all got a bit hectic. Eventually, while being choked, Io slammed the door on Shayna, causing her to let go and slump to the outside of the ring, meaning that Shayna technically won the match. I would have preferred to see Io win, but it leaves space for someone else to take out Shayna, and start a new feud there.

Once the match was done, Io turned on her ‘friend’ Candice and smashed her around with a chair. It was a wild time, and a little unexpected that it would be Candice that would be taking that kind of beating. Leading into a feud between these two would be great, as we had a rather sloppy handover from when Io turned up to Kairi leaving. There does need to be some time for other people to get the attention. I just don’t know what for that would take.

That being said, I’m excited to see where they go with Io and Candice, and what’s next for the champ. It’s an interesting time in NXT, and there’s far more going on than that story alone. There’s the break out tournament, and then all the stuff going on with Undisputed Era capturing all the gold. Would there be a female recruit to UE? Would they be the person to dethrone Shayna? Will the Undisputed Era even manage to capture all the gold? It’s a fascinating time right now, and I’m excited.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2007: A Re-vamped activity tracker!

Well, I forgot to add these for the last few days, in 2007 I met the people that in recent years I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons with, and started my Masters Degree in Chemistry in Southampton. 2007 was a crazy year.

Earlier in the year, along with all my goals, I made an activity tracker, so that I would know how much exercise I’ve done, and how I was progressing on my fitness quest for the year. As those goals have changed, and the situation is as it is, I have had to re-evaluate my goals. Of course, if/when I get a job, I will have to evaluate the cycling goal again, though I could continue that at a gym with relative ease.

I spent a little time last night making a simple tracker page so that I can fill it in and see how I’m progressing, I’m happy with how it came out, and am looking forward to seeing how it suits me. I made one a while ago for a watering the plants and that went well.

Here is a handy picture of what I’m talking about!


Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 2006: Music Monday!

Another week has gone by, and more music was released. The only thing I noted down was that there was a new Killswitch Engage track that came out, and it’s pretty killer.

I’ve had some song ideas, and I want to start working around with the equipment I’ve got to get some stuff recorded, but I need to set it all up.

Actually, what I have found is that there is a youtuber who, every time he puts a video out, I find new inspiration, and it changes the way I think about guitar and adds a few things to my arsenal. That person is Rabea Masaad, I’m sure I’ve mentioned him before, and he recently put out an album of instrumental stuff that he put together for different demos that he did, then build songs around them. Well, that’s my understanding of it, and it’s called Grinding Gears, and the recent release was the second volume.

I typically find instrumental music inspiring, and I can understand what people are doing, but knowing that the elements that went into making these albums come from gear demos is a cool idea, and it inspires me a little more to try different things, mess around with sounds and create by using something unfamiliar.

Like I’ve said, I have a few ideas kicking around, mostly inspired by the videos I’ve seen and I constantly feel like I’m learning. At the moment, it all feels like I need to just find different ways to think about composing or playing to set me off and on the track. I saw him and Matt on Andertons do a video about the ultimate post-rock rig, and that got me thinking, though I need to get two guitars together through recording to actually put something together there.

Anyway, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-