Day 1968: Out and about in Montreat and Ashville

Our journeys have bought us to North Carolina, in the Appalachian Mountains, in the Blue Ridge Mountain, in a cabin up in Montreat. The air is nice up here, and that has something to do with Blue Ridge.

The trees, due to their concentration, and the elevation give off a lot of Isoprene, a 5-carbon compound, which distorts the air, and diffracts light, leading to the blue haze that permeates the areas skylines, making the mountains in the distance look blue in hue as the definition is masked.

Isoprene is a fascinating compound, as it’s frequently found as varying compounds combined into 10 or 15 or even 20 carbon compounds. It’s something I remember covering in natural product synthesis courses in university.

Ashville has been really cool to go around, but I don't think we've explored enough yet. We did make it to Vortex donuts though and that was great.

Anyway, that’s all for today, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1967: more travelling

Today, Rachael and I took a journey with my mum and sister from Macon to Montreat, a 6 or so hour trip to the mountains. My dad and Rachael’s dad followed in one car, and her mum and brother followed in another.

There is a lot going on over the next few days so there will only be short updates for a while. I hope you’re all doing well! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1966: Wrestling Wednesday!

At the weekend, the Money in the Bank show was on. It was an interesting show! I had a good time watching it, and I’m glad that some of the things that happened happened.

You see, I’m a big fan of Bayley, and so the Womens Money in the Bank match was good, if at points a little stale. The action was good, I was hoping for either Ember Moon or Bayley to win, though throughout there were sections where what was going on wasn’t making sense. There was far too much of just one person doing something, or two people doing some wrestling, but while frequent, each bit didn’t last too long. I liked the section with Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose, with Sonya carrying Mandy up the ladder, it was a mad section of the match. I really enjoyed the ending too. It also played into the rest of the night, but we also saw a similar things happen last year with Alexa Bliss.

Many of the other matches were good, some things didn’t make sense, such as the Steel Cage match, and the Roman and Elias section was okay I guess.

The back to back Womens title match didn’t go the way I wished, but it all came together. I was suspecting that Lacey Evans would actually wrestle second, coming out straight after Becky beating Charlotte, but it was the other way round. Lacey Evans and Becky put on a good match, it was enjoyable, but I think the ending was a bit sloppy.

Then Charlotte came out, which is what I was expecting, and really hammed up the evil stuff. Lacey came back out and got involved and cost Becky the title, which was then expected, as the two blondes were clearly in cahoots. From there, there was brawling and a whole mess until Bayley came out to save Becky, and eventually ended up immediately (in the grand scheme of things) cashing in her briefcase to win the title from Charlotte, in what was probably the best reception of the night to a win from anywhere. It was a very feel good moment, but we did see something similar happen last year, but that isn’t to really detract from the moment. All I can think is that they won’t do it again next year.

The Kevin Owens vs Kofi match was good, don’t know what else to say here, Kofi is having the best time, being so consistent at the moment, and it all feels well deserved.

Then the Men’s Money In The Bank happened, and it was a mess. But a good mess, bodies went everywhere, there were some crazy spots and great story telling. The match was fast paced for the most part, something was always going on, and it the backstage segments all night really bought the whole story together. It’s a shame that the briefcase holder is who it is, however, it does keep things both interesting, as he can turn up whenever, but also allows us, with the lack of presence, to be able to forget about it existing for a few months.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1965: Spending time

I have spent the last two days cleaning the house! It’s been glorious, there’s so much getting organised, and all the stuff has been cleaned.

Aside from that I’ve been watching stuff and catching up. It’s been a shocking time in wrestling, I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

The lads and I cleared zero hour heroic in Destiny 2 and completed the puzzle to get the ship, as well as completing the nanites sections of the Outbreak Perfected catalyst. I need to work on getting headshots/precision kills to complete the catalyst and making it the best it could be. I’m looking forward to that, and I might work on that tomorrow.

I had an asian spiced burrito today and it was strange but really tasty. It was a good meal. I’ve been making a bunch of food recently, and I will spend time tomorrow making Granola!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1964: Music Monday!

I spent the day cleaning, well, quite a bit of it, and I used that time to also listen to some music.

I was reminded today of the Textures - Dualism album, and it was such a great album when it was released. It has a fascinating balance of heavy distorted section and clean technical sections. The vocals are fantastic, and I really enjoy the intricate drum work of Stef Broks. The track Reaching Home is my favourite off the album, but the whole album is a great listen.

I also listened to Be More Kind again, and then I also listened to a daily mix which had lots of Elder and other doomy prog bands. It was a delight as I was moving around the house.

Not much else to say today! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1963: The Travels

On Friday I travelled to America, and it was an odd trip.

It started by me drinking a pint of water before setting off in the taxi to the airport. That was a mistake, and half way to the airport I had to request that we stopped at the nearest services.

Then, upon arriving at the airport, the flight wasn’t on the board, and didn’t show up until far later than it should have. That wasn’t where the oddities ended. I obtained my boarding pass and sent my case on it’s way, but I wasn’t allowed through security, I had to return to get my passport checked, I obliged and found out that it wasn’t just me on this flight that wasn’t getting clear of security. Eventually I made it through, and got myself some lunch. See instagram for a picture of that.

Then, the flight showed up on the board, and immediately had a gate assigned, which is odd, so I made my way there, and sat and waited. There was a call out for anyone with a certain code on their boarding pass for advanced special security. No prizes for guessing that I had that code on my boarding pass. I had to completely unload my bags that I was carrying. It was a whole faff. But I got onto the plane second, and then I loaded up one overhead bin with all my things.

The flight was relatively uneventful, I watched Moana and Toy Story. That was about it.

Once I landed, it was time for immigration. I was nervous, but I knew everything was done. So I spoke to the officer, and then got transported to a desk a little while away. I sat and waited for a bit and was asked two questions. And that was it. There was nothing to worry about, all the tough stuff was already done.

And that’s how I was allowed to enter the United States!

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1962: Busy

I spent my first day here, and it was a wild day!

We went out for breakfast to Waffle House, then did a little walk, followed by a bit of shopping for work out clothes. Then we went to guitar centre, and that was alright. We then headed home and played some games for a while, and went into the back yard to catch up with Rachaels neighbours. We went out for burgers for dinner, and that’s the last wild food I’ll be having for a few days, so that I can get myself looking good for next weekend.

All in all it’s been a good busy day of trying to stay awake and keep busy so that I can get adjusted to the right schedule.

Not much else to say today! Tomorrow I will write more about what happened while I was travelling, but for now, have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1961: The journey

Today I move to the United States. Madness. It’s been a long time coming.

I am sitting in the airport, waiting for the plane, doing my typical pre-flight activities, I went to Wagamamas for lunch, but I’m distractable, unable to really concentrate. It’s a big journey, and when I get to the United States, while it might be 8pm for them, it’ll be essentially 1am for me, and I’m expecting to get questioned quite seriously at immigration.

It’s a surreal experience leading into the rest of my life, but here we are, here I am, waiting on the gate to open, and to make further progress to the future.

The future awaits! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1960: Final Preparations

I put out a little podcast today talking about the last things I had to do. You can check it out here!

I am all packed now, aside from my laptop and charger. Tomorrow I’m flying to America, and it’s going to be a long day. I’m not sure what form tomorrows journal will take, but I know I’ll be thinking about it until it’s done.

Last night my friends and I went out for a meal and went to a Vietnamese restaurant and had Pho, it was all very tasty, then tonight my family and I went out to a local pub for a meal, where I had a delightful mushroom and goats cheese burger with a red onion chutney. It’s been some good food.

I need to be a bit sensible with my diet for the next week, as I want to look good for next weekend, when stuff is happening. I also got confirmation that my stuff will be arriving in America soon, but not exactly when it will be arriving at the house.

Everything seems so surreal at the moment, but it’s what is really happening. It’s feeling quite odd.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1959: Wrestling Wednesday!

I’m happy with Kushidas entrance to NXT, the match against Kassius Ohno was a great introduction, but having seen him in New Japan a little bit, I didn’t need much of a familiarisation match, but it served its purpose.

I’m glad that Ilya Dragunov is in NXT UK now and went up against someone, and I’m also liking what’s going on, especially the Devlin and Ligero match.

I am looking forward to Money in the Bank, but I don’t have many hopes for a lot of the things that are actually going on behind the scenes. There has been some crazy news that’s come out in the last week about what is going on backstage, and it’s a bit frightening.

AEW have announced their TV deal which is cool, and it seems like they’re going to be keeping track in seasons, which is a great way to work, especially as it’ll help wipe clean a bad season for a wrestler, and allow them to be competitive in a year following a poor showing. There’s a lot to be excited about for the industry as a whole, but there is also some cause for concern.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1958: All packed up

Today I took the time to figure out what was going in what bags, what will need to be taken by my parents, and what I was throwing away as I made the final preparations for the adventure.

I’ve been searching high and low, and have gone through everything I think I could have to make sure I don’t forget anything. I’ve also planned out the next few days clothes and have got very little left in any of the rooms things are in, as well as found someone who can sell my amp for me.

Then, I played some Destiny 2 with the lads, and we had a great time. We completed the next step of the three week quest for a ship, and cleared it all with plenty of time spare. It was a lot of fun. We also cleared up a bunch of other stuff that just made general progress. Today also marked the first day where it was possible to get a certain title within the game that appears below someones username/gamertag which was cool.

It certainly looks like I didn’t do as much as I actually did, but now I know what I have left to do on Friday morning, which is put my charger in one case, and put my laptop in my backpack, get showered and dressed, then I’ll be ready to travel. It’s a little more than that, but not much. I like being prepared.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1957: Music Monday!

It’s been an interesting week for listening to things. I haven’t really found anything that stood out, but at the same time, I barely spent any time searching out new music.

I have been enjoying a lot of Frank Turner, and while travelling around with my mum today we listened to him and also listened to the latest Paramore album, which I still really enjoy.

I have been chilling out and preparing the next few podcasts while enjoying a lot of Baroness, which has me inspired to write some music, or at least to pick up my guitar, and I’m looking forward to that, once I’m done writing.

I mentioned that I picked up a Stratocaster on Saturday, and it has thrown me into disarray about guitar choices yet again. I liked the way it played, it was the best first impression of a guitar I’ve ever had when I started try to play it felt so easy and so familiar, which might say something about the neck profile, and my familiarity with the shape, but it also might have been the guitar. I have no idea what I expected as well, and I played it through a Fender Tweed Junior, which was alright, though I know I won’t be playing that amp really, and it’s hard to actually replicate what I go for when I’m in a shop, I just try to see if it inspires me to create anything while I was messing around, and playing something that feels easy to play is very helpful, and I was shocked at how much I liked it.

Who knows where my guitar adventure will take me next, but I still don’t have a clear idea of what I really want, and there are so many options, and that is exciting.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1956: and now to sleep!

It’s been a strange day. In an effort to get ahead with podcasts, due to the crazy busy few weeks that are ahead, I recorded two podcasts today, which I plan to edit and upload tomorrow, so that I don’t need to worry about it while I’m worrying about a whole host of other things!

I also went over to my sisters house to collect some things as she’s moving, and I only got recruited to the task yesterday evening. It was very much a case of get up and go this morning, and I got to dismantle two wardrobes and an Ikea sofa, then loaded up the cars with all the things, though there needed to be multiple trips to move all the things.

I helped some friends clear the Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2, it was a great time, and then we played a lot more Destiny 2 until eventually we all parted ways.

It’s been a rather chilled out weekend, but lots got done, and it was a good relaxed time. Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1955: Last Trip to London for a while

Today I went to London, and met up with Izzy.

We had a good catch up and a bunch of chats about how life is going, and what’s going on, as well as going to some places that each of us wanted to go and see.

We started by going to Borough Market, which is a huge food market, where I was after one thing, and one thing alone, Doughnuts. After wandering for ages, and seeing and smelling so many amazing things, we stumbled across the place I was looking for, and grabbed some doughnuts. They were delightful, and the fillings were great.

From there we took our time to head over to Chinatown so that we could have some real food. We went to Golden Phoenix and got some Dim Sum and egg friend rice and it was all quite delicious.

Then we just wandered around for a few hours, we went to a few places, one of which was Denmark Street, I always go there when I go to London I guess, and I went to a guitar shop and tried out one of the new-ish Pro series Stratocasters. I usually struggle to play guitars that I’ve just picked up, and never really gel with them, but picking this up I felt immediately familiar with it, which was really strange, but made me think that it is possible to find a guitar that is like that, that sounds how I want, and would suit the way I play, which I realise, from everything I’ve played over the last year and a half I haven’t actually found yet.

I don’t think I’m really a strat player, so that has me perplexed, but the new Gibson series of guitars have just come out, so I’d probably like to try them out and see how they are, considering I’ve played a Les Paul Studio for some time a few years ago.

Anyway, then we just wandered around some more, and had a good time just catching up.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1954: One week to go

Next Friday I will be getting on a plane to travel to America, and I am excited.

I’m also nervous, and feeling like everything is changing. I packed my main suitcase today, and while to a lot of people that might seem like way too in advance, actually, given that I’m moving my whole life, I need to make sure it all fits, and that I’m not missing anything, as well as it being stuff that I won’t need in the immediate future. So now I have a large packed bag of stuff, the remaining stuff is only things that I need day to day, and clothes that I am either wearing, or are due to be washed and will go in to one of my bags.

I have started feeling over the last two days that while I’m excited about all of this, that I’m leaving a lot behind, and that’s starting to sink in now, and I’m not surprised by that. It’s going to be a huge change, and I know I’ve signed up for that, but now that it’s a week away, I’m starting to take on the scope of the change that is going on.

I’m taking a trip to London tomorrow, and I hope to either keep myself distracted, or use it as a way to think about what’s going on. I just want to wander around, go to a few places, and have a good time.

This weekend is going to be odd as well, as I have a few other things planned. I think Monday and Tuesday next week are the only days I don’t have things planned now, even if the things are small.

When recording the podcast for yesterday, this stuff hadn’t really sank in, and now it’s feeling more real, and I’m concerned that it’s a lot of change all at once, from living at my parents house currently, to the end of next Friday living with my Fiancee and soon after being married, it’s all happening very quickly. I hope over the next few days, with the people I’m seeing and talking to, that I can, well, talk it out, and get some other points of view.

There’s so much to think about, and my brain is frequently firing things off, even if they’re complete nonsense. Having done nearly everything is satisfying, however, I keep thinking I’m missing something. I’m sure I’ve thought of nearly everything, but who knows right now, if I haven’t thought of it by this point, will I actually be able to think of things I’m forgetting and miss something glaring, or have I actually thought of all I need?

It’s a bit of an existential crisis day here, but not to worry.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1953: Typical Thursday!

I played guitar until my fingers hurt today, it was a wild time.

I picked up a magazine at the weekend, I think, which was all focused on guitar, and it had some fun riffs in it to try out, so, I did. One of them was Jimi Hendrix inspired and it got my fingers moving in interesting ways. He also focused a lot of his melody and harmony with triads, so I have been working and playing around with them to understand how to be more versatile.

In combination with the episode of That Pedal Show from a few weeks ago, there’s still so much to learn and practice, and that’s exciting. I’m trying to try something new with my guitar each day, and figure out the triad shapes and associated chords from sounds alone, rather than relying on reading it from a page. I know I’m not particularly great at learning by ear, but it’s fun and I know I can get better at it.

This weeks podcast was me speaking to Spencer again, and we talked about how his album was received and just how life is changing. You can check it out here!

That’s it for today! Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1952: Legendary!

Today I went over to my friends house and we played Legendary! It’s a deck building game that, in the version we were playing, is focused around the Marvel heroes and villains and their story lines.

Our set up was a bit wild. We chose Loki as our main villain, the Mastermind, and augmented him with some crazy support villains, and henchmen, and needed some heroes to counteract him.

Inevitably we chose Thor, then also chose an Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Jean Grey, and Daredevil, maybe there was a 6th hero who escapes me right now.

The game started by each of us having our own villain deck, rather than having a central one, and each of us having our own ‘instance’. Essentially we each played a card from the Villain deck to our place on the board, and only had to worry about clearing our spaces, and co-ordinating attacks with others to make sure we could keep the city from being over run. The failure condition was 25 non-grey heroes in the KO pile, which initially seemed fine, but rapidly became a concern a few turns in.

We were all buffeted by wounds being inflicted immediately and having a lack of buying power, and non-synergistic cards coming up. It took us a while to get into the groove, but eventually started turning the game around. I think we ended up with 22 non-grey heroes in the KO pile, and having successfully defeated Loki. I focused around obtaining Thor Corp cards, and obtaining Captain Marvel as my main hero, with Daredevils back flip feature being an staple of my deck. Support came from Thor and I know I didn’t pick up any Jean Grey or Iron Man.

It took me a long time to get into the game, I only took out one Villain, well 3, but two of them were Thor Corps who join your deck, and the next turn was able to take out the Loki Mastermind. In the final round of play, my friend before me, and the two after me as well as me took swings at the Mastermind defeating him much more rapidly than we were anticipating. We were on the cusp of not succeeding, but we pulled through and it was a glorious victory.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1951: Crunch!

I got on the bike today and cycled 26km, and it was a good time. I needed to do a little stretching upon getting back, but I feel like it was time well spent.

I also spent some time playing guitar, that was also fun. I then recorded a podcast in the afternoon and at some point I made honeycomb.

Now, I tried to make honeycomb a few weeks, maybe months, ago, and it didn’t go particularly well. I might even go as far as saying that I burnt the whole thing and it was completely inedible. This time however, I didn’t let it all cook for too long over heat, I made an executive decision to add the bicarbonate of soda once it got to a colour I thought was right. It paid off as I added it, it didn’t look a terrible burnt dark brown, it looked light brown, like the centre of a crunchie, and golden and resplendent and delicious. I had to wait for it to cool, sugar melts at a really high temperature, and I didn’t fancy burns over my tongue and hands, so I left it for about 30 minutes, then broke off a corner.

It was delightful, light, not burnt, and tasty. It was very simple but it was something I needed to overcome before I left. I’m going over to my friends house to play games tomorrow, and I’ll take it with me to share, and that’s exciting.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-

Day 1950: Music Monday!

I completely forgot it was Monday, see yesterdays journal for more on that. As such I started writing something not about music at all.

I bought a magazine on Friday that is all about guitar. It has a few tracks that I really want to learn in it, and some lick and riff ideas emulating the greats that played the Stratocaster. Alongside the release of the new Gibson lines, which have been simplified, I'm so thoroughly confused about which guitar style I'll want to be playing going foward, that I feel like I will need to try hundreds of guitars.

That all being said, I really want to try and find people to write and perform music with when I get over to the US, and I'm looking forward to finding some like-minded people that would be up for jamming. I know what kind of stuff I want to write and record, but that's just me, and having a second or third mind and pairs of ears to input and provide different perspectives would be massively useful. I know I need some band experience as well, and don't expect that I'll immediately be able to fit in and groove with people, but I can practice and work on that, and that'll be something else to work on.

I think tomorrow I'll be picking my guitar up for a couple of hours, and it'll be a good day! 

Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

Peace -x-

Day 1949: Losing Track!

I thought it’d be easier to keep track of what day it is. Really, it shouldn’t be that tough, but with only dates as the things that are guiding me right now, what day it actually is is getting pretty tough to follow.

This is further amplified by the fact that I’m at my parents house, and both of them are retired, thus, no one is leaving the house for work with regularity, and I don’t know enough of their usual schedule to pin point any day down.

It’s got me wondering, will everything feel like there’s a proper rhythm to it when I move over to America? I’m intrigued, but the first 2 weeks are a bit odd and hectic anyway, so we’ll see.

Like I said yesterday, I needed to sort my flight information out, and I have done that now, so more things are complete. I don’t know what else I need to do at this point though, aside from ship my guitar, and pack my bag, and I can’t do those things until next week. Which doesn’t seem like that long away.

Well. have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-